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California Rail 2020 Conference

October 15, 2005

Report by Carl Morrison,

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Alan Miller10 a.m.  Alan. C. Miller (right) the Executive Director of TRAC started with Introductions of Hon. Hannah-Beth Jackson and TRAC Pres. Richard Tolmach, and the first presentor, Richard Dial.

DSC06133.jpgDSC06133.jpgRichard Dial (left), IBI Group

Richard is actively involved in rail planning for the LOSSAN (Los Angeles  San Diego  San Luis Obispo) rail corridor.

Richard pointed out that many people do not know that the LOSSAN corridor extends for 351 miles from San Luis Obispo to San Diego.  He had an excellent powerpoint presentation that may later be added as part of this report.

The Surfliners use this corridor.  The Surfliner is the fastest growing passenger rail service in the U.S.  It is second in usage only to the Northeast corridor.

The Coast Starlight, Coaster, and Metrolink trains use this corridor, plus freight, especially between Fullerton and Los Angeles and the coastline.

The newest use of the corridor is the Greenline to SDSU.

High Speed service in this corridor will be from Irvine to San Diego and Los Angeles with a feeder inland to Riverside.

There are 2.5 million passengers on Amtrak and 1 of 9 Amtrak passengers is riding the Surfliner.

Rail-To-Rail is successful.  Monthly Pass holders may board any train at their station.  The next generation of inter-city commuter cars is being designed.

Funding:  Surfliner: Farebox, 54%; State 29%; Federal 17%.  Metrolink 42% farebox.  Coaster 39% farebox.

LA-S.D. (PEIR/PEIS) Corridor Improvements include:  4 tracks from Commerce to Fullerton; Orange County track straightening; San Juan Capistrano improvements may be a tunnel or realignment along Trabuco Creek; San Clemente two tunnels; Camp Pendleton double track; Encinitas grade separation; Del Mar two tunnel options, 1) under Camino Del Mar and 2) parallel to I-5; Mirmar Hill two tunnel options 1) under Mirmar hill with a new stop at University Town Center, and extended trolley north from San Diego; and finally a trench from Old Town to downtown.

LOSSAN North Strategic Plan includes 31 projects including:  curve straightening; electronic message boards so stations and passengers know when the next train is expected; sidings and double tracking; new rail stations at state beaches, Guadalupe, and inland.

Santa Paula Corridor is in planning stage to be rebuilt where tracks have been removed, but right-of-way has been maintained, to Santa Clarita.

Issues for LOSSAN:  $44 billion is needed for capitol improvements; what is the future of Amtrak; 2/3 of Lossan corridor is single track now; only 11 train sets in Pacific Surfliner fleet; storage space for additional equipment; antiquated signaling including some hand thrown switches.

Challenges:  Funding; shared corridor; capacity; equipment and storage.

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