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Ann Arbor Railroad Car Ferries

 Vessels Used by the Ann Arbor Railroad

Ann Arbor Railroad Car Ferries

Ann Arbor Railroad Leased Car Ferries

Ann Arbor No. 1

 Car Ferry Leased

Ann Arbor No. 2

Tug Boats

Ann Arbor No. 3

Spcification and drawing for No. 3

 Package Steamers Leased

Ann Arbor No. 4

 Car Ferry Routes

Ann Arbor No. 5


Ann Arbor No. 6


Ann Arbor No. 7


Ann Arbor - Wabash


Great Lakes Car Ferries web site - History on No. 6 and No. 7

September 1, 1931 - W.L. Mercereau retired as superintendent of steamships, a position he had held since 1899.
March 15, 1949 - The Ann Arbor fleet was laid up due to a strike called by the boat crews. The fleet was idled until March 22nd. 
May 18, 1979 The State of Michigan purchases the Grand Trunk Western car ferry "City of Milwaukee".

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