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Travelogue: Rochester, New York - May 20th, 1999

Rochester, New York - May 20th, 1999

   Today, I took a quick Amtrak Trip over to Rochester, New York. The trip travels over the Chicago Line and with your scanner, you should be able to pick up DED/HBD's in Lancaster, Batavia, Churchville and Coldwater, before entering Rochester. Also on the way, you pass by the connection to the West Shore Branch at CP-382. This is a nice hour-long trip and the Rochester Amtrak Station is a pretty good place to trainwatch. While at the station, you may see some local trains including YRO-16 and YRO-18. Conrail's (CSX's after June 1st, 1999) Goodman Street Yard is just to the east of the station, which is located at Milepost 371. Here is what I photographed at the Amtrak Station today...

   Having just arrived in Rochester is Amtrak Train #286, the Eastbound Empire State Express at 9:58am. I took this picture right after I got off the train, which arrived in Rochester on time.

The first freight that went by was local train YRO-16 with B23-7 #1964 on the lead at 10:21am.

   This is the other end of local train YRO-16, with B23-7 #1938 being pulled like a freight car. To the right of the train in this photo is the Kodak building.

With LMS C40-8W #725 leading, train TV-99 passes by the platform at 11:22am on Track #1.

   I headed down to the end of the platform to get this pic of Conrail Train TV-79. Today, the train had "Ex-Con" C40-8W #8360 on the lead on Track #1. The Amtrak Station utilizes only 1 platform, but the area around the station shows evidence that at one time there were as many as 5 platforms...