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Travelogue: Rochester, New York - May 20th, 1999

Rochester, New York - May 20th, 1999
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Passing the Kodak Building is eastbound Train TV-14 on Track #1 at 1:25pm.

   Coming back from the day's work is local train YRO-16 this time with B23-7 #1938 on the lead at 1:48pm on Track #1, heading back to the Goodman Street Yard.
   And this one snuck up on me!!! It's hard to see westbound trains coming to the platform so you should listen to your scanner carefully to find out when westbounds are leaving Goodman Street Yard. This pic was taken just minutes before my Amtrak train to Buffalo would arrive and shows "Ex-Con" C40-8W #8330 leading a westbound Multi-Level train on Track #2 at 1:50pm.
   And this would be my train back to Buffalo, Amtrak #63 the Toronto bound Maple Leaf still sporting an F40 for power, today, it had 2 of them in the consist, something unusual. Overall for me, not too bad of a day of railfanning, 7 trains in 4 hours. Rumor has it that CSX does plan to run more trains over its section of the Chicago Line, so lots of things may be coming soon that will change the face of railroading in this area as well as the entire Northeastern United States, stay tuned...