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A Visit To Cedar Point - October 24th-25th, 2008

   At 1pm Friday, I woke up and called up Enterprise Rent-A-Car to have them come to the hotel to pick me up. They showed up in a blue 2008 Dodge Avenger. When they drove back to their office, I noticed a Honda Accord in the parking lot, and of course, asked if that car was available! Unfortunately, it wasn't as it was owned by one of the employees (I would have sprung for a higher class car than the "Standard" car I had booked if I could have gotten that Honda since my personal vehicle is also a Honda Accord!). The aforementioned Dodge Avenger would be my rental car this year at a cost of just under $60.00 for the weekend. After inspecting the car with the Enterprise representative, I noticed a yellow tire pressure warning light on the dashboard. The Enterprise rep told me they’ve had the dealer look at it and even the dealer can't figure out what's wrong with it (thankfully, they notated it on the contract so it’s not my problem!). After leaving Enterprise, I drove over to the local Super Wal-Mart to pick up some Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi, a bottle of V8 Fusion Juice and some Deer Park bottled water along with a lint remover because the hoody I was wearing had a ton of lint on it because it's all cotton and I didn't want to get that all over my camera. After a quick stop for lunch at a nearby McDonald's, I headed back to the hotel, grabbed my camera and headed for Cedar Point.
    There would be no photography in the park today as the weather just flat out wouldn't cooperate! It was about 55 degrees out and a steady cold rain! I put away the camera and decided to take a walk around the park and eventually just go ride the rides and waste some money in the video arcade!!! I managed to drop $15.00 at that video arcade (oh well, I'm on vacation!!!) playing a combination of "Deal Or No Deal" (Don't let anyone fool you, this game is NOT EASY to play!), that game where you drop quarters and they fall off a ledge and you win tickets, along with one of my all-time favorites, Skee-Ball!!! I managed to "win" a coffee mug, 3 pens, and 2 miniature cars (I would give the cars to my 3 year old nephew!). Despite the rain, I managed to still ride a few coasters and enjoy some decent Chinese food at the Panda Express restaurant in the park! Orange Chicken is delicious!!! I also checked out "Terror Island" which was a new haunted trail this year. At around 11:45pm, I headed out of the park and drove to McDonald’s, picked up some quick food and headed back to the hotel, wrote some of this travelogue and eventually called it a day.
   I woke up Saturday morning and continued to write this travelogue after a couple glasses of V8 Juice! I used my trusty NetZero dial-up internet connection (still only $9.95 a month!!!) to do some secure transactions as I'd rather not access password protected stuff via an unsecured wireless (Free Wi-Fi) connection. I checked out as there was a report of a derailment on the BNSF in Fort Madison, IA which caused the Southwest Chief (the train I'll be riding on Monday) to have a bus substitution. A quick check to showed no notes about this being dragged on for days so it would have no impact on my upcoming trip. I headed to Cedar Point again to meet up with a friend of mine for lunch. Last year, I made a bet with my friend who’s a huge Cleveland Browns fan, that if the Buffalo Bills (My team!) beat the Browns, that he would have to buy me lunch this year when I came to visit Cedar Point. If the Browns won, then I would have to buy him lunch. Well, the Browns won the game, and I'm a man of my word, so I bought him lunch! We had lunch at Famous Dave’s restaurant located in the Marina at Cedar Point, great food and decently priced…for an amusement park that is! I spent the entire day at Cedar Point. This year’s new offerings for HalloWeekends included a haunted pathway called "CornStalkers" which was made up of lots of corn stalks, along with the aforementioned "Terror Island" which involved a haunted pathway through the island that part of the Millennium Force roller coaster is located on. This area is normally not open to park guests so this year, guests got to see something that otherwise isn’t available which was really neat. There were lots of attractions available this year that have been there in years past such as the Fright Zone, Pharaoh's Secret, Undertaker U, and a new haunted house called "Club Blood". Also this year, Chris Linn did an excellent magic and comedy show at the Centennial Theater. As always, Cedar Point put on the biggest Halloween party in the State of Ohio and has once again been recognized as the Best Amusement Park In The World by Amusement Today magazine and has certainly lived up to that designation!
    In the pages below, you'll see more photos taken this year. Special Thanks goes out to the Cedar Point Public Relations Department for their assistance this year with portions of my photography in the park. Check out the links below to see the individual photos from this year!!!