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Cedar Point's HalloWeekends In-Park Theming Photos

Didn't you know the first rule of travel? Don't ever let a mummy be the navigator! You'll almost always get lost!
This was set up at the parking toll booths as you make your way to the end of the causeway on your way into the park!

LEFT: The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!!! Anyone here remember the movie Ghostbusters??? The big confectionary creation made his first appearance at Cedar Point this year during HalloWeekends!!! RIGHT: The Dead Rock Buffet with Ray Charles performing with the big marshmallow "supervising"!
Oh no not again!!! I knew I should have slowed down to 35mph at that deadman's curve on I-90 in Cleveland!!!
LEFT: You should BEWARE, this park is seriously haunted at night, and it's so awesome when it is!!!! RIGHT: A general info billboard on HalloWeekends. This event just gets better every year, and I should know! For 8 of the last 17 years I've been coming here, it's been during HalloWeekends!
As always, there's lots of creepy grave stones on the Main Midway!
LEFT: Guy Hanging From Dragster: "C'mon just a few more seconds and I'll have it!" - Guy On The Ladder: "Man you've gotta stop eating so many of them hot sandwiches, you're getting fat, my arms can't take it!!!" RIGHT: "Terror Island", new for 2008, you take a trip on the Millennium Force island which is all decked out with screamsters and lots and lots of fog for them to hide in, you won't know which way you're walking!!!
CarnEvil, at its new location for 2008 at Camp "Spooky"!!! Ain't nothing like a carnival gone horribly wrong!!! This is cool!
BOTH: Back in Frontiertown, it's Country music that's celebrated with a "performance" at the gazebo near the Town Hall Museum!
Hey Granny, you got that number for the Auto Club??? Not sure how long we can keep drivin' with that flat tire!
New this year is CornStalkers, you'll never feel the same again walking through a corn field!!! This is something to be experienced!!!
OK, if that skull don't scare you, I don't know what will!!! You'll see this at the back entrance of the Fright Zone!!!
One of the Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad's "retired" locomotives on display!
The new Subway Restaurant that opened this year in the park on the Main Midway! You can now eat like Jared at Cedar Point!!!
Great Chinese food is to be had at Panda Express, I recommend the Orange Chicken!!! This is located at the beginning of the Frontier Trail near Millennium Force's entrance!