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Cedar Point's Roller Coaster & Thrill Ride Photos

Cedar Point's Mantis! This coaster opened in 1996 and has 4 inversions.
The big difference with this coaster is that you ride standing up!!!

LEFT: Another view of Mantis! RIGHT: The tower from Top Thrill Dragster. When this coaster opened in 2003, it was the tallest and fastest coaster in the world!!!
The Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad. This is a really nice ride and the trip through "Boneville" is always interesting!!!
The Lift Hill From Gemini, a twin racing coaster! This coaster opened in 1978 and features a wooden frame with steel track. There's always "competition" as to which train will win the "race"!!!
An interesting view of Millennium Force. There is no coaster like this anywhere!!! The lift hill in the far back of the photo is actually higher than the hill in the center of the photo! This incredible ride features a 310 foot tall first hill and a 93mph top speed!!!
The Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad crossing the "river" used by the Paddlewheel Excursions during the summer. To facilitate the operation of "Terror Island" this year, the Paddlewheel Excursions called it a season just before the start of HalloWeekends so the bridge I stood on to get this photo could be constructed.
Another view of Millennium Force! I had to set the shutter speed on the camera to 1/800th of a second to get this shot! The train was probably going over 80mph by the time it passed me here, this ride is awesome!!!
LEFT: The lift hill of Millennium Force in the far back with Mantis in the center and a neat reflection of the water below in the foreground!!! RIGHT: The tower of Top Thrill Dragster hiding in the bushes!
Iron Dragon, a "relaxing?" coaster you sit down for. This ride opened in 1987 and has some very tight turns and fog!!!
Another view of Mantis!
Corkscrew, the first coaster in the world to have 3 inversions! This coaster opened in 1976!
Magnum XL-200, my personal favorite coaster of all time!!! This coaster opened in 1989 and is still regarded as one of the best in the world!!! In the foreground is the new Skyscraper ride which opened this year.
LEFT: You've just gotta ride Dragster to really experience this incredible marvel of modern engineering! RIGHT: Skyhawk, a swinging pendulum ride that opened in 2006.
Inside the Town Hall Museum in Frontiertown are a few scale models of past and present rides in the park. This one is of the Grandpa of all of CP's coasters, Blue Streak, which is still going strong after 44 years!!!
White Water Landing, a neat flume ride that operated until the end of the 2005 season.
Mean Streak, an awesome wooden coaster that opened in 1991.
Maverick, CP's new ride for 2007, and nothing short of amazing!!!
You'll see these signs near the Marina Gate which let you know how tall you need to be to ride these coasters!