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  Union Pacific Photo Gallery
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There are currently 73 photos in this gallery

04300338t.jpg (8657 bytes)

04300341t.jpg (7120 bytes)

Date:  April 30, 2003

Location:  Tunnel #2

An Eastbound UP manifest rounds the curve into Tunnel #2 above Caliente.  This manifest does not have DPU power, as most Eastbound UP manifests do.  One clue to this fact is the SD70M leading the train which is not equipped with DPU equipment.   Almost all UP DPU trains over Tehachapi are lead by either a AC44W-CTE or a DPU equipped C40-8W.

04270312t.jpg (6719 bytes)

Date:  April 27, 2003

Location:  Sandcut

An Eastbound UP intermodal drifts down the short grade at Sandcut before tackling the long grade ahead.  This short downgrade allows the rail line to enter the Caliente Creek basin and eventually leads the line to parallel the Caliente Creek for several miles between Bena and Caliente.

04250318t.jpg (7892 bytes)

Date:  April 25, 2003

Location:  Cameron

An Eastbound UP Z train drifts downgrade along the Cache Creek near Cameron.   Cameron is the first station site East of Monolith on the desert side of Tehachapi.

12230207t.jpg (7109 bytes)

Date:  Dec. 23, 2002

Location:  Bena

An Eastbound UP intermodal train rolls at track speed through Bena.

12190217t.jpg (6574 bytes)

newanima.gif (2685 bytes)  Date:  Dec. 19, 2002

Location:  Edison

A Westbound UP baretable train pokes its head around the DPU power on the end of an Eastbound manifest with the Tehachapi Mountains looming in the background.

08070203t.jpg (6802 bytes)

Date:  August 7, 2002

Location:  Sandcut

An Eastbound UP train of empty auto racks and intermodal cars crests the hill at Sandcut.

07250204t.jpg (5658 bytes)

Date:  July 25, 2002

Location:  Bakersfield, West of Kern Junction

A new UP SD70M with UP's "Building America" slogan is fittingly the sole power for a special move of an oversized electric generator.  Several such loads have been arriving in the past months and are unloaded near the old SP locomotive servicing facility at Bakersfield.

07180205t.jpg (5645 bytes)

Date:  July 18, 2002

Location:  Bakersfield, West of Kern Junction

An Eastbound UP intermodal train rolls toward a crew change at Baker Street.

07050208t.jpg (5619 bytes)

Date:  July 5, 2002

Location:  Edison

An Eastbound UP manifest glows in the light of sunset just East of Edison.

06060206t.jpg (7171 bytes)

Date:  June 6, 2002

Location:  Bakersfield Depot, West of Kern Junction

A Westbound Z train makes an early morning crew change in front of the old SP Depot at Baker Street.

05090204t.jpg (8281 bytes)

Date:  May 9, 2002

Location:  Bealville, looking toward Tunnel #5

The tail end of a long string of Eastbound intermodal cars is just clearing the Bealville Road crossing while the head end is emerging from Tunnel #5 on the hillside in the distance.

03240205t.jpg (5798 bytes)

Date:  March 24, 2002

Location:  Sandcut Crossover

UP train Z-SELC-22 led by new UP SD70M #4851 and UP's two specially painted Olympic Torch Relay SD70M's waits for a Westbound to clear the crossovers at Sandcut before heading toward Tehachapi and ultimately Los Angeles.

03240221t.jpg (6849 bytes)

Date:  March 24, 2002

Location:  Sandcut

After crossong over to the "wrong" main at Sandcut, the Z-SELC rolls through the curve and drops into the Caliente Creek basin toward Bena where it will run around a West Colton-bound manifest train.

03240230t.jpg (6957 bytes)

Date:  March 24, 2002

Location:  Tunnel #2

UP 4851 leads the two Olympic units and the Z-SELC around the curve leading into Tunnel #2.

03240234t.jpg (5774 bytes)

Date:  March 24, 2002

Location:  Bealville

The Z-SELC approaches the road crossing at Bealville.

02070204t.jpg (5981 bytes)

Date:  Feb. 7, 2002

Location:  Bena

A Westbound UP manifest freight splits the signals at Bena.  The switch for the helper spur is visible in the foreground.

02010238t.jpg (5924 bytes)

Date:  Feb. 1, 2002

Location:  Bena

A meet between two UP manifests takes place near the old fertilizer plant at Bena.

02010224t.jpg (6149 bytes)

02010231t.jpg (7158 bytes)

Date:  Feb. 1, 2002

Location:  Caliente

Two shots of a Westbound UP manifest approaching the curve at Caliente.  The first one is of the head end approaching the curve, and the second photo is of the rear end DPU power leaning into the big curve.

01300206t.jpg (4794 bytes)

Date:  Jan. 30, 2002

Location:  Bealville

An Eastbound UP train climbs through Bealville on a sunny but cold January morning.

01200202t.jpg (7044 bytes)

Date:  Jan. 20, 2002

Location:  Sandcut

A Westbound UP train climbs the hill at Sandcut in the early morning sunlight.

Date:  Jan. 8, 2002

Location:  near Edison

A Westbound UP manifest emerges from the fog near Edison.

12200109t.jpg (6437 bytes) Date:  Dec. 20, 2001

Location:  Caliente

An Eastbound UP intermodal train is shown rolling into the curve below Caliente.   A couple of minutes later, the same train will pass directly in front of the photographer's location after rolling around the horseshoe curve across the Caliente Creek.

12170134t.jpg (6159 bytes) Date:  Dec. 17, 2001

Location:  Tunnel #2

The sun is setting in the afternoon with the area around Tunnel #2 already in the shadows, but the sun is still shining brightly on the mountaintops in the background.

12070111t.jpg (6732 bytes) Date:  Dec. 7, 2001

Location:  Woodford

An Eastbound UP manifest freight is shown approaching the water tanks near the East end of Woodford.

12050105t.jpg (6789 bytes) Date:  Dec. 5, 2001

Location:  Edison

An Eastbound unit pipe train slows for a speed restriction at Edison.

10260103t.jpg (6359 bytes) Date:  Oct. 26, 2001

Location:  Sandcut

A Westbound train leans into the final right hand curve at Sandcut before reaching the long stretch of tangent track that will take it the rest of the way into Bakersfield.

10190114t.jpg (6405 bytes) Date:  Oct. 19, 2001

Location:  Bena

Most rail photography taken in the field is of subjects in motion, or at the least expecting them to be in motion at any time.  Occasionally, circumstances will make things a little more predictable.  In this case, the train in the photo is tied down at Bena due to a derailment at Caliente that was still being cleaned up.  This allowed me to take a more up close and personal "portrait" type of photo.

10170108t.jpg (6848 bytes) Date:  Oct. 17, 2001

Location:  Near Chester Ave., North of Downtown Bakersfield

An Eastbound unit pipe train rolls into Bakersfield from points North during the mid-day hours.

07180102t.jpg (5648 bytes) Date:  July 18, 2001

Location:   Baker Street, Bakersfield, CA

After an early morning crew change, UP's Z-LCSE begins to roll away from Bakersfield bound for points North.

07090110t.jpg (7756 bytes) Date:  July 9, 2001

Location:    North of Bakersfield at Slater (MP 295 on the Fresno Line)

On a short trip between Bakersfield and Fresno, the RBB&B Circus Train approaches the Kimberlina Road overpass at Slater on the Valley mainline North of Bakersfield.

07050113t.jpg (7609 bytes) Date:  July 5, 2001

Location:   Woodford

One of the most reliable schedules over Tehachapi is UP's Z-SELC which usually heads East out of Bakersfield in the mid-day hours.  Here, the train is shown rolling uphill through Woodford led by one of UP's new SD70M's.

06240146t.JPG (5647 bytes) Date:  June 24, 2001

Location:   Sandcut

UP's Z-SELC rolls into the curve at Sandcut, led by one of the now common winged SD70M's.

04280148t.JPG (5178 bytes) Date:  June 24, 2001

Location:   Caliente

This photo is an illusion of sorts, as the DPU power of a Roseville bound manifest rolls away from the camera at Caliente in a view that could easily be mistaken as an Eastbound.

04280148t.JPG (5178 bytes) Date:  June 24, 2001

Location:   North of Bakersfield at Slater (MP 295 on the Fresno Line)

The early morning light greets UP's Z-LCSE as it makes track speed up the valley through the farmlands North of Bakersfield near Famoso.  This train usually traverses Tehachapi Pass in the pre-dawn darkness and makes a crew change at Bakersfield around sunrise.

04280148t.JPG (5178 bytes) Date:  April 28, 2001

Location:   Rosamond (South of Mojave)

Actually beyond Tehachapi Pass but still in Kern County, the Eastbound I-OAHO enters the Antelope Valley at Rosamond on straight track at about 60 miles per hour.

04280133t.JPG (5077 bytes) Date:  April 28, 2001

Location:  East of Monolith

The midday sky has cleared as the I-OAHO has started to roll down the East slope of Tehachapi Pass toward Mojave.  Visible in the background is the huge cement plant at Monolith.

04280123t.JPG (6403 bytes) Date:  April 28, 2001

Location:   Woodford

UP's Eastbound I-OAHO pops in and out of the sun as it approaches the East switch at Woodford.

04250116t.JPG (6725 bytes) Date:  April 25, 2001

Location:  Tunnel #2

Here is a little different view of the Eastbound UP Yermo Local approaching Tunnel #2 in the late afternoon hours.

04240103t.JPG (5608 bytes) Date:  April 24, 2001

Location:   Quantico (East end of UP Bakersfield Yard)

An Eastbound UP Intermodal train made up of mostly double-stack cars passes under the signal bridge over the double track mainline leading out of Bakersfield toward the Tehachapi Mountains.

04180112t.JPG (4719 bytes) Date:   April 18, 2001

Location:  Bealville

UP train symbolled Z-SELC moves slowly up the siding at Bealville after a rolling meet with the FRA test car train that had passed minutes before.

04060130t.JPG (5922 bytes) Date:   April 6, 2001

Location:  Walong

Last shot, which is one of my favorite angles.  The power of the UP Z train is crossing over the top of Tunnel #9 in the middle of the loop at Walong.

04060118t.JPG (7234 bytes) Date:   April 6, 2001

Location:  West of Caliente

First photo of an Eastbound UP Intermodal train (symbol ZSELC, I believe) taken from the turnout overlooking Caliente Creek on Caliente-Bodfish Road just West of the community of Caliente.  Visible in the foreground are some of the brightly colored wildflowers that accent the West side of Tehachapi Pass in the spring months.

03290107t.JPG (5752 bytes)

03290109t.JPG (5955 bytes)

Date:   March 29, 2001

Location:  Sandcut

A West Colton bound manifest passes under the signal bridge protecting the crossover at Sandcut.  Currently, UP SD90MAC's 8500-8521 are regular headend power on the one or two daily QRVWC trains.  These trains also feature remote DPU power on the rear that is usually two C40-8W's or a lone SD90MAC. The second photo shows the lone SD90MAC shoving the rear of the train toward the curve and hill at Sandcut.

03290105t.JPG (6699 bytes) Date:   March 29, 2001

Location:  Bealville

A UP manifest train climbs uphill through the reverse curves West of the Bealville Road crossing.  This time of the year, the hills are covered in green grass, and the annual wildflowers are just beginning to bloom.  Within the next couple of months, the hillsides will once again turn their normal tones of yellow and brown.

03290102t.JPG (5912 bytes) Date:   March 29, 2001

Location:   Saco, North of Bakersfield

A UP Ballast train sits in the siding at Saco, tied down and crewless.  With Saco being the first siding North (railroad West) of Bakersfield, it is used regularly to park trains waiting for available crews.

03130108t.JPG (5405 bytes) Date:   March 13, 2001

Location:   Between Saco and Oil Junction, North of Bakersfield

After a brief stop North of Bakersfield, a UP manifest starts rolling again after getting a clear signal.  Occasionally, the crew change point at Bakersfield is overwhelmed with Eastbound trains, making it necessary for trains to wait their turn North of town.

03090114t.JPG (6300 bytes) Date:   March 9, 2001

Location:  Bakersfield, about 3 miles West of Kern Junction

A West Colton bound UP manifest led by the now-regular pair of SD90MAC's approaches the grade crossing at the corner of 30th and M Streets just West of the crew change point at the old SP Bakersfield Depot.  This location is just North of Downtown Bakersfield, and very close to the Kern County Museum on Chester Avenue.

03070118t.JPG (6821 bytes) Date:  March 7, 2001

Location:  Tunnel #2

A Roseville-West Colton manifest grinds uphill at Tunnel #2, between Caliente and Bealville.

03070105t.JPG (6680 bytes) Date:   March 7, 2001

Location:  Walong

Due to wet weather and related mudslides and washouts, UP detoured several trains down the Central Valley and over Tehachapi Pass that usually traverse the Coast Line.  One such train was the Oakland to Long Beach baretables, shown on the Loop at Walong.

03020106t.JPG (5641 bytes) Date:  March 2, 2001

Location:  Quantico (East end of UP Bakersfield Yard)

Hazy midday sun greets a Westbound UP train as it enters the Bakersfield Yard and a crew change before continuing on to Roseville.

02280107t.JPG (6328 bytes) Date:  February 28, 2001

Location:  Bakersfield (Baker Street Depot)

After changing crews in front of the ex-SP Bakersfield Depot, a Roseville bound UP train leaves a cloud of diesel smoke behind to mark its departure.

02270105t.JPG (5656 bytes) Date:  February 27, 2001

Location:  Edison

A Roseville to West Colton DPU Manifest train led by a pair of recently re-assigned SD90MAC's rolls past rows of packing sheds at Edison, just East of Bakersfield.

01270117t.JPG (5854 bytes) Date:  January 27, 2001

Location:  Caliente

UP Train IOAHO climbs uphill out of Caliente.  The sky in the background provides a dark background to the bright new yellow locomotive.

01270121t.JPG (6655 bytes) Date:  January 27, 2001

Location:  Bealville

UP Train IOAHO runs around a manifest train at Bealville.  The IOAHO is led by a brand new UP AC60CW and a well worn SP SD45T-2.

01270125t.JPG (6084 bytes) Date:  January 27, 2001

Location:  Bealville

A UP Crew member gives a BNSF train a roll-by inspection while it runs around his West Colton bound manifest train.  The manifest train is led by two SD90MAC's that are becoming regulars in Roseville-West Colton DPU service.

01230102t.JPG (7210 bytes) Date:  January 23, 2001

Location:  Sandcut

DPU power on the tail end of a West Colton bound manifest leans into the curve at Sandcut.  DPU is now used on Roseville to West Colton manifest trains, eliminating the need to add helpers at Bakersfield.

11090003t.JPG (5520 bytes) Date:  November 9, 2000

Location:  Between Sandcut and Bena

The train pictured is an Eastbound UP intermodal train dropping down Sandcut Hill just above the old helper spur at Bena.  The photo is taken from the landfill road which crosses the railroad tracks near the crossovers at Sandcut.   Near the top of the photo is the hill where most Sandcut photos are taken from.   Also visible above the train's power is Bena Road.

10070004t.JPG (3676 bytes) Date:  October 7, 2000

Location:  Sandcut

A late afternoon shot of a Westbound UP train climbing the hill at Sandcut.  After seeing this train on the Trainorders RailCam, I hopped in my truck and headed to Sandcut to get the photo.  This is one of the benefits of being a railfan and living in Bakersfield.

00062703t.JPG (5934 bytes) Date:  August 2, 2000

Location:   Quantico (East end of UP Bakersfield Yard)

An Eastbound Auto Rack train waits it's turn for a trip over Tehachapi Pass in the Bakersfield Yard.  Power for this train:  Two new winged SD70M's and an ex-SP Tunnel Motor in UP colors.

00062703t.JPG (5934 bytes) Date:  July 10, 2000

Location:   Bealville

The Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus Train glides downhill through Bealville in near sunset.  The train is being handled between Los Angeles and Fresno by the Union Pacific Rauilroad.

00062703t.JPG (5934 bytes) Date:  June 27, 2000

Location:   Approx. 20 miles North of Bakersfield along Hwy. 99 at Kimberlina Rd.

Brand new UP SD70M #4037 leads an Oakland/Marion, AR Auto/Intermodal train toward Bakersfield on the ex-SP mainline from Fresno.

00011902t.JPG (5140 bytes) Date:  January 19, 2000

Location:  Sandcut

Eastbound train led by UP #3300 in a special paint scheme honoring the United Way.

00020501t.JPG (5151 bytes) Date:  February 5, 2000

Location:  Caliente

Westbound train passing the East switch of Caliente Siding.

00020503t.JPG (5006 bytes) Date:  February 5, 2000

Location:  Caliente

View of an Eastbound train stopped in the siding at Caliente, with the westbound approaching the siding visible on the hill in the background.

00031301t.JPG (6224 bytes) Date:  March 13, 2000

Location:  Woodford

Eastbound train climbing through Woodford just east of the Hwy. 58 overpass near Keene.

86080001t.JPG (5945 bytes) Date:  August 1986

Location:  Feather River Rail Society Museum/Portola, CA

On a family trip to Northern California in 1986, a side trip to Portola was part of the trip plan.  Here is a frontal view of DDA40X #6946, the largest display piece of this extraordinary collection.

99041507t.JPG (5803 bytes) Date:  April 15, 1999

Location:  Monolith

A Westbound Management Special approaches the Tehachapi Blvd. grade crossing just east of the cement plant at Monolith.

99041510t.JPG (7154 bytes) Date:  April 15, 1999

Location:  Walong

Westbound Management Special pauses with its train wrapped around the famous loop.

99041536t.JPG (5352 bytes) Date:  April 15, 1999

Location:  Mojave

A Westbound stack train on BNSF track is approaching the junction with the UP at Mojave.  The UP now has trackage rights between Mojave and Daggett, allowing direct access between the UP Valley line and the LA&SL through Las Vegas to points east.

99062902t.JPG (6929 bytes) Date:  June 29, 1999

Location:  Caliente

An Eastbound train having just traversed the horseshoe curve at Caliente, is now traveling physically West as it begins the steep climb toward Tehachapi Summit.   About 2 miles west, it will turn back toward the East heading toward Bealville.