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Woodford is the first siding located west of the Tehachapi Loop.  Woodford is located near the town of Keene, which is known nationally as the home of UFW founder Cesar Chavez.  The old depot site at Woodford is located about 1 mile east of Keene along Tehachapi Woodford Road.  Woodford still has a regularly used spur in addition to the siding.  Due to it's easy access by road, it is used as an operation base for maintenance operations on the west side of Tehachapi Pass.  Tehachapi-Woodford Road parallels the railroad along Woodford siding for almost a mile, so several roadside photo locations exist and are easy to find.

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Directions to Woodford:

Travel east from Bakersfield on State Highway 58 to the Keene exit.  Cross under the highway and turn right (east) on Woodford-Tehachapi Road.  Travel east on Woodford-Tehachapi Road approximately 3/4 of a mile to reach the old station site of Woodford.  The road parallels the railroad for about 1/2 mile from this point marked at the east end by silver water tanks alongside the tracks.  There are several vantage points roadside in this area.