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Our Nations Christmas tree travels by Rail. 
Amtrak Boxcars
Milwaukee Road
See Pictures of A derailment that happened in Sturtevant in 1984!
Milwaukee Road MP15AC, 5/20/2000
Norfolk Southern
Photos from my last trip to the Curve, 1999.
BNSF Pictures
Joliet 1999
Ill, HY 59,  5/20/2000
261,  5/20/2000
Highlands 5/20/200
Galesburg RR Days 2000 at the depot
Galesburg RR Days 2000 at  the hotel
Galesburg RR Days 2000 from the bridge
Galesburg RR Days 2000 at the park
Iowa Interstate
Union Pacific
Hay every Web site has to have a page of junk, this is mine.
Elmhurst 1999
UP Dead/ Scrap Line, 5/20/2000

Wisconsin Central

Franklin Park
WC Railfanning 
WC Railfanning Part 2
W.C. Locomotive Details of Current Roster Loco's
Shops Dead and Damaged Line
Shops Part 1 
Shops Part 2
Shops Part 3
Byron Hill 1
Byron Hill 2
WC Ex Algoma Central Ore Freight Car Detail Section

Canadian Pacific Railway


CP9303 Special Edition


Jim Kube's Former GBW Site

My SDL39, 581 photos.
My models
About myself

SDL39 581

    This is my little place for a SDL39 known as 581

This photo show the Milwaukee, Wis. Shops of the Milwaukee road. Look in the bottom corner of the photo, Notice the many damaged loco's around a turntable, these loco's are to become drywall screws. (That's a Joke)

The 581 was wrecked twice in her lifetime. The first time she was reportedly wrecked was in 1972. On March 26th she was the lead unit on a train sitting in the hole near Walked SD. A unit coal train came around the corner and one of it's cars picked the switch. The crew was trapped in the locomotive because it was covered by lumber of a derailed car.
581's last and final blow came in 1983 when she collided with a gravel truck in Sacred heart, MN.
The 140 and 163 were repaired, but the poor 581 was scraped. At least in by dreams she still pulls freight.

Just a little dreaming going on!

Same loco, Different Dream!


I would like to thank Fred Hyde, Keith Nuttbrock, and Michael Bingen for all of their wonderful information.

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