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Amtrak - Ocala, FL (OCA)


Note: Palmetto service between Savannah, GA and Miami, FL was discontinued in November 1, 2004.


Station Information:


531 Northeast 1st Avenue
Ocala, FL 34470


29.19 N, 82.14 W


21 m / 68 ft


56,315 (Census 2010)


Brick, Built in 1917


Used for Bus Terminal


Amtrak Train Information:

Train Name Route


[ Chicago, IL - Nashville, TN - St. Petersburg/Miami, FL ]

Floridian was discontinued in October 1979


[ New York, NY - Florence, SC - Tampa, FL - Miami, FL ]

Palmetto service between Savannah, GA and Miami, FL was discontinued on November 1, 2004

The last Amtrak timetable showing the Palmetto #89/90 Ocala route (issued on April 26, 2004)

(Source: 2004 National Railroad Passenger Corporation)

Visited on June 9, 2005

Photo 01 Photo 02

Ocala Station Building (West Side View)

Ocala Station

Photo 03 Photo 04

Ticket Counter and Waiting Area

Old Day Picture

Photo 05 Photo 06

HO Model Structure

North Side View

Photo 07 Photo 08

Looking North

Looking South

Photo 09 Photo 10

Looking West (Miami)

Looking East (New York)

Photo 11 Photo 12

CSX Office near Amtrak Ocala Station

CSX Maintenance Truck

Photo 13 Photo 14

CSX Locomotive "7769"

CSX Locomotive "7904"

Visited on August 31, 2003

Photo 1 Photo 2

Ocala Union Station

Ocala Downtown

Visited on September 23, 2001

Photo 3 Photo 4

Station Building

Ocala Station

Photo 5 Photo 6

Inside of the building

Diamond Crossing

Photo 7 Photo 8

Looking East (New York)

Looking West (Miami)

Amtrak Ocala Station before renovation (1972)

Amtrak Ocala Station (May 1978)

Amtrak Ocala Station before renovation (July 1978)

Amtrak Ocala Station - Passengers waiting for Southbound Palmetto (April 2003)

Florida Northern Railroad - Fixed Approach Semaphores


At the diamond crossing of the Florida Northern RR with CSX Transportation, there are two fixed approach semaphores to the north and south on the Florida Northern line.  Northbound approaching the station, the Florida Northern is in street trackage (NE Osceola Ave.), putting the approach signal on the curb like a traffic light.

Northbound Fixed Approach Semaphore Signal (Visited August 31, 2003)

Photo 01 Photo 02

Northbound Fixed Approach Semaphore

Looking North

Photo 03 Photo 04

Street Trackage on NE Osceola Avenue

Looking South

Southbound Fixed Approach Semaphore Signal (Visited December 25, 2003)

Photo 05 Photo 06

Southbound Fixed Approach Semaphore

Looking South

Photo 07 Photo 08

Looking West

Back Side View

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