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Amtrak - Denver, CO (DEN)



Station Data:


1701 Wynkoop Street
Denver, CO 80202



39.75 N, 105.00 W


1,575 m / 5,165 ft


600,158 (Census 2010)



Open Hours

5:30am - 8:30pm  Daily


Stone, Built in 1915


115,342 (FY2011)


Amtrak Trains:

Train Name Route


[ Chicago, IL - Denver, CO - Salt Lake City, UT - Emeryville, CA ]


[ Denver, CO - Winter Park Resort, CO] (Seasonal Train)


Urban Railroad:

Name Category

Regional Transportation District (RTD)

Light Rail, Rapid Transit


Tourist Railroads:

Name Category

The Ski Train

Train to Winter Park Ski Area (Discontinued in 2009)

Platte Valley Trolley


Tiny Town Railroad

15" gauge steam locomotive (May - Oct), 25km southwest of Denver


The Denver station has been temporarily relocated from the historic Union station to 1800 21st Street at the intersection of Wewatta Street near Coors Field in the Prospect Neighborhood. When completed in the spring of 2014, Union Stationís redevelopment will include a new commuter station as part of a multimodal hub.  For more detail, please click HERE (pdf).


Union Station is underwent a $500-million re development into a regional, intermodal transportation center. Amtrak moved into the redeveloped terminal on February 28, 2014, as the overall station remodeling and hotel construction drew to a close. Union Station was built in 1894, significantly rebuilt in 1914, and purchased by the Regional Transportation District in 2002. (Source - Amtrak Fact Sheet, Fiscal Year 2014, State of Colorado)

~ Denver Union Station History ~

Denver Union Station History

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Visited on January 14, 2018

Photo 001 Photo 002

Denver Union Station

Denver Union Station

Photo 003 Photo 004

Wynkoop Street (Looking West)

Denver Union Station (Platform Side)

Photo 005 Photo 006

Entrance (Platform Side)

Amtrak Office

Photo 007 Photo 008

Cafe and Shops

Hotel Counter

Photo 009 Photo 010

Waiting Area

Waiting Area

Photo 011 Photo 012

Looking Southwest (Dead End)

Looking Northeast (Chicago, Emeryville)

Photo 013 Photo 014

Boarding for California Zephyr

Regional Transportation District (RTD)

A Line to Denver Airport

Photo 015 Photo 016

To Bus Terminal

Bus Terminal Bay

Visited on June 27, 2009

Photo 01 Photo 02

Denver Union Station

Denver Union Station

Photo 03 Photo 04

Wynkoop Street (Looking West)

18th Street (Looking South)

Photo 05 Photo 06

Waiting Area

Waiting Area

Photo 07 Photo 08

To Station from Subway

Subway to Platforms

Photo 09 Photo 10

Platform Side View

Platform and Denver Downtown

Photo 11 Photo 12

Looking Southwest (Dead End)

Looking Northeast (Chicago, Emeryville)

Visited on May 3. 2002

Photo 1 Photo 2

Station Building

Looking South (Downtown)

Photo 3 Photo 4

Looking up (at the main entrance)

Inside of the station

Photo 5 Photo 6

Looking Northeast (Chicago, Emeryville)

Looking toward Southwest (Dead End)

Light Rail (Regional Transportation District - RTD)

Light Rail 1 Light Rail 2

Free MallRide

Shuttle Bus 1

Shuttle Bus 2

Denver Airport People Mover

Airport 1

Airport 2

Airport 3

Airport 4

San Francisco Zephyr at Denver Union Station (September 1976)

San Francisco Zephyr at Denver Union Station (August 1978)

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