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Electric GE 4/4 II GALLERY

Turrella Tramway is pleased to announce that it is planning to extend its branch line beyond Locoshed
to establish a marshalling yard and carriageworks facilities deeper in side the garage.
Added to this is the intention to electrify the branch from these new facilities through
Locoshed, Bigglestown
and on to Turrella Main station.
On a recent inspection tour of the Rhatische Bahn facilities in Switzerland
the Turrella Tramway CME was impressed by the GE 4/4 II class of Electric Locomotive
used on the Bernina Express on which he and his touring party had the privilege to travel.
The search for an appropriately powerful loco to work the new facilities and branch appeared to be over.
After some negotiation a surplus loco was procured and shipped out to Australia.
What follows are photos of the new loco after its unpacking and assembly
on display for its media launch at Turrella Main Station.
Now does anyone out there know how to make Catenary cheaply???

A sister GE 4/4 II on the Bernina Express working North through Pontresina on December 24th 2007.

A quick comparison of size of the new electric loco when compared to
Turrella Tramways new mainline diesel which arrived a few months before from Nurnberg Germany.