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Turrella Tramway - Mogul Gallery



Recently Turrella Tramway's CME made a surprise inspection of the Rollingstock and facilities of the BARRON TABLELAND RAILWAY. He was most warmly welcomed by the BTR's CME and the Head of Catering for the line.

The visit, primarily to observe the unique style of "Bakery" Truss bridge work, coincided with the trialling of the BTR's new B121/2 class light branchline mogul. Adorned in an attractive green livery this handsome loco easily made light work of hauling two of the BTR's ex QR end platform passenger carriages. A most impressive engine which started life as an ex Bachmann 2-6-0 "Mining Loco"

Also in steam on the day were BTR's D16 tank and a yet unnamed 4-6-0 recently purchased from the Baldwin Locomotive Works in St Aubins USA

Below are some pictorial higlights of the visit. (Please also note the ThoroughBred in the background load testing some of the bridge stuctures on the line.)
Thanks to Geof and Chris for a great afternoon.

Its former appearance as a Bachmann 2-6-0 "Mining Loco"

The QR B13 on which the B121/2 was modelled (loosely)