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Turrella Tramway - 1917





Turrella Tramway’s

19 Class


1917 was a member of the legendary 19 class (originally A-93 Class) 0-6-0 tender engines formerly of the NSWGR. Built in 1877 by Beyer, Peacock & Co. 1917 worked on Goods services throughout the state of New South Wales, primarily on the narrow winding branchlines of the Great Dividing Range, such as the Oberon, Dorrigo and Batlow branches.

Photo: 1917 awaiting guard’s signal before departing Luddenham double headed mineral train lead by Sandstone & Termite’s No. 5 bound for Bigglestown.

With the availability of larger engines increasing 1917 was relegated to shunting duties around the port facilities of Sydney and the Illawarra region.


1904 & 1923 Dorrigo Railway Museum, NSW (Static)
1905 Rail Transport Museum, Thirlmere NSW (Static)
1919 Glenreagh Mountain Railway NSW (Operational)
1917 Turrella Tramway Pty Ltd NSW (Operational)
19?? (Renamed no.5) Sandstone & Termite NSW (Operational)


Owners: Turrella Tramway Pty Ltd.
Wheel Arrangement: 0-6-0
Builder: Beyer, Peacock & Co,
Introduced: 1877
Number Built: 60 (as tender engines)
Current In Service: 0
Preserved operational: 3
Preserved Static: 3

The arrival of diesels to the NSWGR in the 1950’s forced old 1917 on to the scrap roads. Luckily it was spared this fate by being purchased by the Luddenham Gravel & Ballast Co. in 1957 for use on their mineral traffic along the Bigglestown Branch.

Photo: Class mate 1919 in storage
prior to preservation. (Photo: A.J. Hurst)
Photo: Unidentified 19 class loco at the Dorrigo Railway Museum

With the almalgamation of the LGB with the Turrella Tramway Pty Ltd 1917 has seen a new role in life, being used on passenger excursions and mixed local specials as well as its usual goods workings.

Photo: 1917, pulling composite carriage BCA 642, about to depart Bigglestown on an up local to Luddenham.

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