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Turrella Tramway - 1814





Turrella Tramway’s

18 Class


1814 is loosely based on the Z 18 Class of 0-6-0 tank locos which operated initially on the Sydney suburban network in 1882 . Supplanted from this work by bigger and faster tank locomotives the 18s went on to shunting duties at Port Kembla and Sydney yard and two, 1801 and 1806 finding their way to the isolated coal line at the Wallarah Colliery at Catherine's Hill Bay just south of Newcastle on the New South Wales coast.

1814 could best be described as a composite locomotive. The frame and wheel arrangement come from a Rodgers 2-4-2 saddle tank. The Rodgers suffered from an insufficient boiler, no adequate coal bunker and rotten wooden cab. With scrapping of the 18s by the NSWGR parts became available to the owners of the Turrella Tramway to rebuild the Rodgers to a more acceptable standard.

Indeed in its present form the new side tank locomotive bears all the hallmarks of its English heritage. Unsure as to which 18 the parts boiler and cab came from the Turrella Tramway CME numbered it 1814 (in honour of the famous GWR 14xx class which starred in the all time favourite British film "The Titfield Thunderbolt." However 1814 has adopted the nickname 'Nellie' in memory of a cherished industrial tank loco which was worked on by the workshop foreman in his youth.


1803 Rail Transport Museum, Thirlmere NSW (Static)
1076 (1804) Rail Transport Museum, Thirlmere NSW (Static)
18(14) Turrella Tramway Pty Ltd NSW (Operational)


Owners: Turrella Tramway Pty Ltd.
Wheel Arrangement: 2-4-2 (formerly 0-6-0)
Builder: Vulcan Foundry,
Introduced: 1882
Number Built: 6
Current In Service (Turrella Tramway): 1
Preserved Static: 2

Initially 1814 was employed in shunting the marshalling yards around Bigglestown and Turrella stations.

However it was soon realised that 1814 was a useful engine on commuter trains especially the early morning workers train to Coal Creek

Photo: 1814 is seen here pulling the Turrella Limited Passenger Coach Set
around the Sandstone & Termite Railway on a test run in 2005.

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