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TrainPixs Network is proud to provide with publications and also merchandise for the general public. In cooperation with we are able to provide TrainPixs Network products at a low and reasonable price while having great quality and flexibility.

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Support This Site The place to get your OFFICIAL TrainPixs Network railfanning gear such as a railfanning bag to a t-shirt to a coffee mug to have your morning brew before you go out to trackside. Show everyone that you or your loved one is a railfan and proud of it.


TrainPixs Network presents:
Railroad Reporting Marks
2012 Edition

ONLY $18.99 + S&H

The newest edition of the TrainPixs Networks' references for reporting marks in North America is now available. A reference that a railfan should have with them a all times.

This spiral bound book was created by a railfan for other railfans and model railroaders. This book is a great tool for identifying different types of rolling stock and other types of equipment. It was created with help from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to reference all current reporting marks used in North America.

This is one of the most accurate reference books on the market with over 3,475 different reporting marks and over 2,000 different companies listed. The book is alphabetically indexed by the Reporting Marks and also by the Company Name(s). Also included are important phone numbers, AAR radio channels/frequencies and information regarding railfanning in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Chicago.


TrainPixs Network presents: Train Calling Marks
Printed in late 2000, it was the first publication by the TrainPixs Network. The book was a collaboration of research done on the internet and also the FRA web site. The first printing of the book only included the ability to search by reporting marks. The second printing was combining the ability to search by both reporting mark and also company.


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