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A railfan cannot live by the rails all by his/her self; you need to have a community of people that share your common interests. There are many web sites out on the World Wide Web, including some FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites, that share a common interest in a certain area or prototype. There are also lots of places where you can research for new areas to go railfanning.

Take a look around, go through the list below and see what site can help you the most. If you would like to share a site with us, please don't hesitate to e-mail us the site. Also, know that all these site are personally used, as by many other people in my railfanning group.

If you would like to catch me on one of these Yahoo! Newsgroup Sites, my user name is "trainpixsnet."

Looking for railfan videos?
Check out or CLICK HERE for a direct link to railfan videos made by fellow railfans throughout the world.

Kansas City Railfans

Let's Talk Trains (World Talk Radio [Internet Radio]) — Live 1pm EST on Sat.; archives are also available on the site.




University of Southern Mississippi
Where I recieved a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting, with a Sports Administration minor, hoping to become a sports broadcaster or a media relations director. Check out USM's School of Mass Communication & Journalism page.

Doc's Caboose
Description from Site: Unique Line of HO Scale Trains, Model Kits, Figures, Scenery, and Hobby Tools. Exclusive Railroad Designs on T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Golf Shirts, Caps and More.

Currently selling our current book, "Railroad Reporting Marks," 2nd Edition.


Abandoned & Active Historical Railroads of the Pacific Northwest
Description from Site: Created in December 2003 to showcase our finds while exploring abandoned railroads in the Pacific Northwest. Since then, the site has has thousands of photos, dozens of videos and almost a hundred articles on both abandoned and active railroads, equipment and structures.

Discription from site: Operated by a solid Staff of railway employees, railfans and model railroaders, the roots of the thriving world-wide community of go back to early 1986 when the CompuServe ModelNet Forum opened two railway oriented message boards. These boards proved to be wildly popular and spawned (in 1989) the TrainNet Forum which, for the next twelve years, was a busy and lively gathering place for railroad and railway fans, modelers and employees.

Tony Cook's HO-Scale Trains Resource
Discription from site: The mission of the HO-Scale Trains Resource is to provide information relating to the history of ready-to-run model trains. The HO-Scale Trains Resource provides this information to visitors thanks to generous donations of materials and funds that enable the websites to exist, grow and remain available online.

Alabama Railfan — Railfanning in the Heart of Dixie
Discription from site: The state of Alabama boasts some great railfanning opportunities, from mountainous railroading to urban switching operations to gulf ports! Alabama is host to five Class I railroads: the BNSF Railway, the Illinois Central Railroad, the Kansas City Southern Railway and the two biggest players in Alabama, CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern Corporation. Forums (Newsgroup/Railroad Fourms)

Railroad Forums (Newsgroup/Railroad Fourms)

TrainOrders (Newsgroup/Railroad Fourms)

Chicago Area Rail Junctions
Discription from site: An in-depth look at some busy rail crossings in the Chicago area and northwest Indiana, two of the most densely packed railroad regions in the United States.

St. Louis Railfanning
Discription from Site: A Railfans Guide to St. Louis, Missouri

Discription from site: Midrail is a list for the reporting of railroad news and railfan related events for the states of Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska.

Magnolia Rails, aka "MagRails"
Discription from site: This is a group for railroad buffs, railfans, and train nuts who are interested in the railroad scene of Mississippi, the Magnolia State, hence the group name. From Southaven to Gulfport, from Vicksburg to Meridian and everywhere in between, this group can, I hope, bring together train buffs from "Tennessippi" to the Gulf Coast to share our common interest in Mississippi's railroads of yesterday and today. Whether your interest is "the real thing", modeling, or both, this list is for you! You are welcome to report on the railroad scene in Memphis, New Orleans, Mobile, and other places bordering the state.

Discription from site: This is a fourm to discuss the railroads of Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas. This includes the cities of St. Joseph, Atchison, Trenton, Hiawatha and Kansas City. Discussion of railroading in that small corner of Nebraska that borders the area are also encouraged. Historical discussion is very welcome.

Railfan Photography
Discription from site: This list is for the discussion of photography as it applies to rail fan's; critiques of new photographic products, digital photography, and experiences with photofinishing concerns are invited. Listing of ideal railroad photography locations, along with safety considerations is also encouraged.

Discription from site: This group will inform members when Railfan & Railroad magazine is looking for particular photos of new locomotive paint schemes, new operations, special moves and the like from all over the United States.

Discription from site: Do you like prototype trains or scale models? Do you want to offer your photo's to other railfans or modelers? Where are safe spots in the real world for railphoto`n. Do you need photo's to complete a modeling project? Do you need scanning services? How about just asking questions about rail photography? Do the trade publications need prints? This is the list for you. This list is for railroad photography related issues only. The list will not permit mass mailings for anything other than rail photo information.

Mid-West Rails
Discription: Railfanning around Kansas City and surounding areas.

Discription from site: has provided rail information services to individuals, organizations, and businesses worldwide. Acclaimed by newspapers, magazines, books, radio, and numerous online publications; linked to from more than 10,000 web sites around the world; accessed by thousands each day - is the premier source for rail travel, hobby, and industry.

Discription from site: Here are over 2,400 fun and, hopefully, productive places to watch trains. If you're visiting a town, and want to take some train pictures, then you need to know where to go, and most traditional railfan guides give you this info. However, there is more to life than just taking pictures of trains (especially if your spouse and family have accompanied you on this trip!), so it's also pretty nice to know where a neato Bed & Breakfast or motel is, a good place to eat, etc.

Discription from site: TopoZone is the Web's center for professional and recreational map users. We've worked with the USGS to create the Web's first interactive topo map of the entire United States. And we've spent four years making our maps the best on the Web as well.


Pentrex (VHS & DVD Videos)


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