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Hurricane Katrina Photos
Gulfport/Biloxi, MS

Last Updated: 22-Sep-2005 1:04 AM

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Photo of downed trees, power, and other debris. Photo taken on Three Rivers Rd.

Looking at the house's right side, with greenhouse and shed moved, after Hurricane Katrina.

Dad looking over the damage of our dock and other structures.

Some of the damage around the house and across the canal.

A large structure used for billboards and large advertising posters was blown down with over 150 mph winds.

Barracks where National Guard and other military personel are living while helping the victums of Katrina.

Damage to dad's shed and contents, after more than 25 feet of water flooded the area, during the hurricane

Damage to the polebarn that was origionally connected to the shed.



These are photos of the shed after dad and I ripped one of the walls out. Water was all the way up to the light. The red lanturne, found in top right and the above photos, was filled with flood water.








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