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Central California Traction - Credits

The Unofficial Central California Traction Website is looking for photos of the early CCT Equipment. If you would like your name here, please E-mail David Epling with corrections, updates, and photos. PLEASE be reminded that the pictures on The Unofficial Central California Traction Website are used by permission of the photographer, and that those photos, while displayed on these pages REMAINS the property of the Photographer, and may NOT BE RE-POSTED ON ANY OTHER WEBSITE, NEWSGROUP OR OTHER PUBLICATION, WITHOUT THE APPROVAL OF THE OWNER OF THE PHOTO. If I have left your name off, please understand that is was accidental, and please let me know, so I can give the appropriate credit.

Central California Traction Co
Joe Bohannon
Frank Brehm
Ryan Cain
Steve Carter
Tom Carter
Dan Crews
Paul DeRouen
Gerold W. Eckl
Walt Freedman
Steve Gardner
Garth Groff
Clayton Guest
Bob Harbison
Samuel Herschbein
Roger Kirkpatrick
Robert Lehmuth
Mel Lawrence
Tony Madieros
Roland Marx
Marvin Maynard
Dave Mewhinney
Thomas Porter
Alan Radecki
Cliff Scholes
Don Stabler
Dave Stanley
Joseph Testagrose
Scott Thomas
Eugene Vicknair
Mike Vieau
Grant Vogel
Brian Williams
Howard Wise
Kyle Wyatt

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