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Genelogical Index for Canadian Railway Telegraph Agents, Ops, Dispatchers

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    Clicking on a Province brings up telegraph, agent, operator, and dispatcher names associated with that province. The names shown on each provincial list is NOT a complete list.

    To be included in this railway telegraph genealogical series, please e-mail RGB.

       Photographs can be displayed on my site beside the agent, operator, dispatcher. Please provide all necessary information with any photo images so I may credit them correctly to the source.

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    The following have made additional submissions and materials to this growing list:
    George W Horner (ON) - special thanks to GWH, retired ACD CNR Great Lakes Region, for his incredible support, contributions to these webpages, and above all, friendship. To you George, I dedicate the 'gene' site.
    Bev Harvey (SK)Len Turple (AB)Bill Donlevy (AB)John Falconer (NB)Ken Garrett (ON)
    Daniel B Reid (AB)John Shaw (Australia)George Carpenter (CA)Larry Tremblay (ON)David Currie (ON)
    Ian Chester (ON)Marilyn Lancaster (ON)Shawn I Smith (RailAmerica, AB)John Krug (ON)W (Bill) K Cameron (ON)
    JG Hamel (PQ)Neil Wilson (ON)Bryon C Hartt (PQ)Gordon W Miller (ON)Reg Fitzgerald
    Bruce Chapman (ON)Lee Mason (BC)Kim Lalonde (ON)Ronald Nixon (NB)Wade Brown (ON)
    Rae W Chamberlain (SK)Gerard McGrath (AB)Jack D Greer (ON & NB)

    A special thanks to Bev Harvey (SK), and J Guy Hamel (PQ) for their incredible support and contributions of rare and lost material, and to Bruce Chapman (ON) for 'more recent' Canadian Pacific op/agt lists.
    Special Thanks to Brian Gilhuly for his work in scanning and organizing the 1938 CPR Senority Booklet Div 7
    Special Thanks to John Barsby for his work in scanning and organizing the 1950 CPR Senority Booklet Div 7

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    Most of the names appearing on these provincial webpages come from authentic Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, Order of Railroad Telegrapher, seniority lists and biographers in railway magazines, obituaries, and actual contributions from the railway and railway personnel. Even within these railway lists errors occur; example: for many years my uncle is listed as McAlpin when the correct spelling is McCalpin.

    No other claim is being made or undertaken here except to Honour the memory of these incredible contributors to Canada, the railway, and to their roles as telegraphers, operators and dispatchers. Mistakes happen - if you see something, please send me an e-gram so it can be corrected and updated. Please note, not everything can and is included on my webpages for obvious reasons.

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