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The Spokane Portland and Seattle Railway Historical Society was founded in 1981 to preserve the history of the Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway and disseminate information to its membership about the railway and its affiliate lines including the Oregon Trunk, the Oregon Electric, United Railways, Astoria & Columbia River and the Gales Creek & Wilson River.

The Society publishes a quarterly journal ("The Northwest's Own Railway") filled with information on such topics as engines, rolling stock, structures and operations. Articles typically include technical data, drawings and of course, lots of photos! Many of the back issues are still available for purchase by members. Each year the Society publishes an all SP&S photo calendar.

The vast majority of our members are modelers, and the Society tries to fulfill their needs with the regular inclusion of modeling articles. Subjects have included 0-6-0 steam switchers, passenger equipment and Alco RS-3 detailing. We also have printed paint scheme information for much of the SP&S fleet.

Materials for publication generally come from the membership and you are encouraged to submit an article in your area of interest. If you have a topic, but your information is incomplete, contact the Editor for help. We may be able to provide further facts, data and photographs.

A reference service is available through the V.P. for Technical Services to answer specific questions about the SP&SRy and assist with articles for publication. In addition, a small archives has been established by the Society and is available to members for research.

Along with published information about the SP&S Ry, the Society also endeavors to host an annual summer convention featuring slide shows, modeling clinics and field trips. Conventions have been held in Portland, the Dalles, Eugene and Pasco. In the last few years, we have put together a free modelers "mini-meet" in February to encourage an exchange of ideas, techniques and data.



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