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"The Shrine of Shortline Railroading"

Smoky Mtn. R.R. mixed train near Sevierville in Summer 1951.
Smoky Mtn. R.R. Pacific #110 leads a mixed train near Sevierville, Tennessee, in Summer 1951. (Hugh Moomaw photo)

From 1909 until 1961, a shortline railroad operated between Knoxville and Sevierville, Tennessee. The 28-mile route was built as the Knoxville, Sevierville & Eastern Railway. Because of its creeping speeds and KS&E reporting marks, the railroad was nicknamed, "Knoxville, Slow & Easy," or just "Slow & Easy" for short. Many area residents still use the moniker when discussing the long-abandoned line.

Through the years, the railroad operated under three other names: Knoxville & Carolina Railroad, Tennessee & North Carolina Railway (Knoxville Division) and Smoky Mountain Railroad. From 1919 until 1929, a related line, the Pigeon River Railroad, operated between Sevierville and McCookville, Tennessee.

The "Slow & Easy" stuck with steam locomotive power until the last five years of its existence, when it acquired a small diesel switcher. In documenting its uniqueness, Trains magazine author William H. Schmidt, Jr., appropriately referred to the road as "the Shrine of Shortline Railroading."

About This Website

Since 1999 or so, this website has contained, to varying degrees, both historical text and images documenting the "Slow & Easy's" half-century of operation. Numerous railfans have loaned and/or contributed material to this effort, as well as to a future book or books about the railroad. Some of the loaned material is still being processed and will soon be returned to its owners. The Webmaster is eternally grateful to all contributors. Their generosity has helped educate current and future generations as to the historical importance of Sevierville's railroad.

At its largest, this website contained 30-plus individual pages and many dozens of photographs. The Webmaster has spent hundreds of hours in libraries, on the Internet and along the former right-of-way studying the "Slow & Easy's" history and operations. Because of the plagiarism and greed of two or three so-called local "journalists," however, the detailed website was withdrawn from the Trainweb servers. This is because the plagiarists repeatedly helped themselves to the Webmaster's writings, verbatim, as well as the imagery collection while giving zero credit for his three-plus decades of research. Although the content was significantly reduced, please feel free to ask any questions about the "Slow & Easy" by emailing the Webmaster at

This website will be rebuilt, gradually, to once again commemorate "The Most Interesting Railroad In The World." Welcome aboard, and please pay return visits whenever you can!

Smoky Mtn. R.R. diesel #440 and a Southern Railway boxcar in Sevierville.
Smoky Mtn. R.R. G.E. 44-ton diesel #440 and a Southern Railiway boxcar on Bruce Street, Sevierville, Tennessee, circa late-1950s. (Photo courtesy John Hewitt)

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