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In this edition of Shuttletrain’s Wanderings, we wanted to do something a little bit different. Each vacation we take we go a different direction in the United States of America. In 2008, we went SE, 2009 headed Mideast to Roanoke, VA, 2010, found us in the Mid-North. So for 2011, Mrs. Shuttletrain and I planned a Lewis and Clark-Great Northern up and Central Pacific-Union Pacific back vacation.

We took TrainDog AJ with us, and headed west. Our first stop was around Kansas City, Missouri Airport, since we were leaving on a Thursday evening. The next morning drive proved to be interesting because of all the flooding along the Missouri River. Interstate 29 was closed from near Platte City all the way to Council Bluffs. So that gave us an opportunity to visit a friend in Effingham, Kansas early on Friday morning. After visiting, we headed due north on the Kansas side, until reaching Nebraska border. We crossed the toll bridge over the Missouri River and got on the open portion of I-29. There were still huge sand and rock bags lining the interstate, only the traffic lanes were visible.  We arrived into Council Bluffs, and headed to the Railswest Museum which is located inside the old Rock Island Station.


After visiting with the Railwest staff, we headed to the Union Pacific Museum, which located in the old Council Bluff’s Public Library.

P9160014.JPGP9160015.JPGP9160016.JPGP9160018.JPGP9160019.JPGP9160020.JPGP9160021.JPGP9160025.JPGP9160026.JPGP9160027.JPG P9160028.JPGP9160029.JPGP9160031.JPGP9160032.JPGP9160034.JPGP9160035.JPGP9160036.JPGP9160037.JPGP9160038.JPGP9160039.JPGP9160040.JPGP9160043.JPGP9160044.JPGP9160045.JPGP9160046.JPGP9160047.JPGP9160048.JPGP9160049.JPGP9160050.JPGP9160051.JPGP9160052.JPGP9160054.JPGP9160058.JPGP9160059.JPGP9160060.JPGP9160061.JPGP9160062.JPGP9160063.JPGP9160064.JPGP9160066.JPGP9160068.JPG

Since we were running late, due to the flood detour, we just stopped and snapped a few pictures of the old Omaha depot, now home to the Dunham Museum. Great place to visit next time we wander through Omaha.



We left Omaha and headed to Sioux Falls, South Dakota where we would spend the night.

That’s where we will pick up the story next!




Stay Tuned… More to Come!



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