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Steam Locomotive MP #2522
Up-Close and Personal

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Ten-wheeler TN-61 Class, 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive
Missouri Pacific #2522

Up-Close and Personal

All Photos by
Elvin Klepzig

Located in a Paris, Arkansas city park is a well-kept secret. Housed in a partially fenced railroad display and lettered as Fort Smith, Subiaco and Rock Island #2522 (or as Paris #2522 as seen in these three photos) is the former Missouri Pacific #2522, a 4-6-0 steam engine.

The Missouri Pacafic owned 128 (2301-2403, 2501-2525) of these TN-61 Class, 4-6-0 locomotives. #2522 was built in 1898 at Cooke Locomotive & Machine Company. She was the finest example of modern technolgy for her day.

Today she is in very sad shape, suffering from extreme corrosion, her drivers sunk into the ground and a target for souvineer seekers and vandalism. From all the classes of steam-driven locomotives to wear the MoPac name, the #2522 is one of only two Missouri Pacific steam locomotives that has survived 'til today.

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