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The Rahway Valley Railroad in the News
An Archive of New Articles Pertaining to the RV and its Predecessors

News Article Title Newspaper Date of Article

New Suburban Belt Line

New York Times June 11, 1897
New Orange: A New Jersey Town that is Booming Right Along Elmira Telegram July 18, 1897
New Locomotive Cranford Citizen July 15, 1899
Right of Way for Extension Cranford Citizen November 4, 1899
Extension to Summit Cranford Chronicle February 20, 1900
Gossip on the Railroads The Evening Journal April 20, 1900
Gossip on the Railroads The Evening Journal October 8, 1900
Rahway River Extension Cranford Citizen 1900
News of New Orange Cranford Citizen October 16, 1900
A Railroad Station Robbed The Evening Post December 4, 1900
New Orange Junction Railroad New York Times September 21, 1902
Tin Kettle Hill Purchased Cranford Citizen October 3, 1902
To Build New Railway New York Times August 10, 1903
Arthur J. Halladay The Evening Journal March 4, 1904
Gossip on the Railroads The Evening Journal March 11, 1904
New Railroad for Union County Folk The Trenton Times July 20, 1904
RVRR Construction Brooklyn Daily Eagle August 3, 1904
Railroad to Summit Cranford Chroncile November 25, 1904
Labor Troubles at New Orange Cranford Chronicle December 23, 1904
Railroad's Right to Land New York Times December 25, 1904
One of New Jersey's Shortest Railways The Evening Journal May 4, 1905
Rahway Valley RR Open New York Tmes May 25, 1905
New Railway Line Links Jersey Towns The Evening Journal June 1, 1905
Kenilworth (New Orange) Notes (Extension to Springfield) Cranford Citizen June 15, 1905
Kenilworth (New Orange) Notes (New combine) Cranford Citizen June 29, 1905
Kenilworth (New Orange) Notes (Wm. Morrison, Cornell, H. S. Kerbaugh) Cranford Citizen July 20, 1905
Golf Railroad to Baltusrol Will be Running By August 15 Brooklyn Daily Eagle July 21, 1905
Kenilworth Notes (Tin Kettle Hill, Sunday Excursion) Cranford Citizen July 27, 1905
An Awful Snapping Turtle The Washington Post August 12, 1905
Kenilworth Notes (John Demato, Wm. Grolebougge, Extension to Springfield) Cranford Citizen August 10, 1905
Kenilworth Notes (Warren St. Station, Tekla Johnson) Cranford Citizen August 17, 1905
Kenilworth Notes (New engine shed) Cranford Citizen September 14, 1905
Kenilworth Notes (Party of officials to Springfield) Cranford Citizen September 21, 1905
Kenilworth Notes (John Shallcross, Henry C. Schneering) Cranford Citizen October 5, 1905
Summit Smashes Bridges New York Sun October 6, 1905
Pugnacious Summit New York Times October 7, 1905
Kenilworth Notes (T. Pace) Cranford Citizen October 19, 1905
Another Lesson from Jersey The Evening World October 20, 1905
Kenilworth Notes (John Shallcross, Crown Dryer Co.) Cranford Citizen October 26, 1905
Kenilworth Notes (Halladay family, Tin Kettle Hill) Cranford Citizen November 9, 1905
Kenilworth Notes (George Young) Cranford Citizen November 16, 1905
Kenilworth Notes (M.O. Mitchell, J.B. Gray, J.H. Cornell) Cranford Citizen November 23, 1905
Kenilworth Notes (Special excursion) Cranford Citizen November 30, 1905
Kenilworth Notes (Newton Wyckoff) Cranford Citizen December 7, 1905
Kenilworth Notes (Tin Kettle Hill, Discontinued train) Cranford Citizen December 14, 1905
Second Golf Railroad in the United States Brooklyn Daily Eagle December 16, 1905
New Train Service to the Baltusrol Golf Links 1906
Three Regular Trains to Baltusrol Brooklyn Daily Eagle January 2, 1906
Kenilworth Notes (Fifty car loads of coal, H.S. Kerbaugh) Cranford Citizen January 18, 1906
Kenilworth Notes (Tin Kettle Hill) Cranford Citizen February 22, 1906
Kenilworth Notes (Geo. Stephens) Cranford Citizen March 1, 1906
Kenilworth Notes (Accident at Springfield) Cranford Citizen March 29, 1906
Kenilworth Notes (New timetable, J.B. Gray) Cranford Citizen April 12, 1906

Kenilworth Notes (Sunday train service)

Cranford Citizen April 19, 1906
Kenilworth Notes (Michael Trioly) Cranford Citizen April 26, 1906
Kenilworth Notes (Tornado) Cranford Citizen May 31, 1906
Kenilworth Notes (Warren St. Station, J.B. Gray) Cranford Citizen June 7, 1906
New Jersey Has 3 Great Railroads The Evening Journal June 29, 1906
Aldene Though Small Is a Busy Centre Elizabeth Daily Journal June 30, 1906
Kenilworth Notes (John Slittee) Cranford Citizen August 2, 1906
Rahway Valley R.R. Will Open Today The Daily Journal August 6, 1906
Trains Start on the Rahway Valley New Line New York Sun August 6, 1906
Kenilworth Notes (Special baseball train) Cranford Citizen August 9, 1906
Kenilworth Notes (Dennis Sullivan) Cranford Citizen August 16, 1906
Kenilworth Notes (Paving Orange Ave.) Cranford Citizen August 30, 1906
The "Baltusrol Special" Brooklyn Daily Eagle September 15, 1906
Kenilworth Notes (Summit water tank) Cranford Citizen January 10, 1907
Kenilworth Notes (Special train for investigating party) Cranford Citizen January 24, 1907
Kenilworth Notes (Geo. F. Hall, Civil Engineer) Cranford Citizen January 30, 1907
Kenilworth Notes (Blizzard) Cranford Citizen February 7, 1907
Kenilworth Notes (J.B. Gray) Cranford Citizen March 28, 1907
Rahway Valley Bonds New York Herald May 8, 1907
Kenilworth Notes (Kenilworth pumphouse) Cranford Citizen June 6, 1907
Kenilworth Notes (Baltusrol Post Office) Cranford Citizen June 13, 1907
Kenilworth Notes (H.S. Kerbaugh) Cranford Citizen June 20, 1907
Transportation Problem Solved The Evening Post June 22, 1907
Kenilworth Notes (Excursion to Atlantic City) Cranford Citizen August 29, 1907
Kenilworth Notes (Fallen tree) Cranford Citizen November 14, 1907
Kenilworth Notes (New timetable) Cranford Citizen December 12, 1907
Kenilworth Notes (Tekla Johnson, Dennis Sullivan) Cranford Citizen January 16, 1908
Kenilworth Notes (Frozen boilers) Cranford Citizen January 30, 1908
Loses Fight About Switches The New York Press July 10, 1908
Must Build Connection New York Times July 10, 1908
Important Decision The Syracuse Herald July 12, 1908
Can't Hitch Up to the DL&W New York Sun August 25, 1908
Interstate Board Enjoined The New York Press October 23, 1908
More Prosperity for New Jersey Trenton Evening Times November 13, 1908
Kenilworth Notes (Hunters) Cranford Citizen December 3, 1908
Passed into the hands of Louis Keller Cranford Citizen March 11, 1909
The Escape from Andersonville The New York Dramatic Mirror July 24, 1909
Second-Class Railroad Property Cranford Citizen October 21, 1909
Kenilworth Notes Cranford Citizen December 16, 1909
Kenilworth Notes (Mrs. Albert D. Bell) Cranford Citizen January 13, 1910
Kenilworth Notes (Grippo & Stein) Cranford Citizen January 27, 1910
Big Railroad Cases The Syracuse Herald February 14, 1910
No Chances to Pay Dividends The Sheboygan Herald February 14, 1910
Kenilworth Notes (RV vs. Lackawanna) Cranford Citizen February 24, 1910
Kenilworth Notes (Dulcin & Chemical Product Co.) Cranford Citizen March 3, 1910
Kenilworth Notes (US Supreme Court) Cranford Citizen March 10, 1910
Kenilworth Notes (Large sign at Summit) Cranford Citizen March 17, 1910
Kenilworth Notes (W.K. Snyder, H.F. Dankel) Cranford Citizen March 24, 1910
May Yet Get a Switch Cranford Chronicle March 24, 1910
Kenilworth Notes (W.K. Snyder) Cranford Citizen April 21, 1910
Kenilworth Notes (Pay raise) Cranford Citizen May 19, 1910
Kenilworth Notes (Albert Hawes) Cranford Citizen June 23, 1910
Kenilworth Notes (Holiday excursion) Cranford Citizen August 11, 1910
Kenilworth Notes (New timetable) Cranford Citizen December 1, 1910
Kenilworth Notes (Locktile Co.) Cranford Citizen March 30, 1911
Kenilworth Notes (T.B. Miller Co., Derailment) Cranford Citizen June 15, 1911
Kenilworth Notes (Holiday excursion) Cranford Citizen July 13, 1911
Kenilworth Notes (Judge Grippo) Cranford Citizen July 27, 1911
Kenilworth Notes (Miss Hilda Johnson) Cranford Citizen August 31, 1911
Kenilworth Notes (McDevit tract) Cranford Citizen December 21, 1911
Kenilworth Notes (H.F. Dankel) Cranford Citizen January 25, 1912
Kenilworth Notes (Change in schedule) Cranford Citizen February 29, 1912
Kenilworth Notes (Dennis Sullivan) Cranford Citizen June 13, 1912
Kenilworth Notes (Carloads of pipe) Cranford Citizen June 27, 1912
Kenilworth Notes Cranford Citizen July 18, 1912
RVRR Testing Out New Rail Car Cranford Citizen July 25, 1912
Kenilworth Notes

Cranford Citizen

August 22, 1912
Kenilworth Notes (New timetable) Cranford Citizen June 5, 1913
Repaired Sidewalks Cranford Citizen February 5, 1914
Kenilworth Notes (Fireworks factory) Cranford Citizen September 17, 1914
Bar Firemen From Blaze New York Times August 10, 1915
Hilton Division of Rahway Valley New York Times November 1, 1915
Oscar W. Swanson Cranford Citizen October 17, 1918
Flare Up at American Can Cranford Citizen October 24, 1918
Obituary: Charles J. Wittenberg New York Herald March 21, 1919
Charles E. Wright factory Cranford Citizen September 18, 1919
"Jitney" Train is Railroad's Defi to Anti-Traction Drive The Evening Telegram July 15, 1920
Historic Institution Threatened New York Sun April 8, 1921
Obituary: N.C.J. English The Evening Telegram May 12, 1922
Obituary: Roger A. Clark New York Sun October 4, 1932
Alcohol Racket Interests Canada New York Sun August 29, 1934
Plot to Smuggle Alcohol Revealed Calgary Daily Herald August 30, 1934
Dweller in Trolley Car is Jailed for False Fire Alarms Niagara Falls Gazette May 18, 1938
"Pop" Snyder Retires Cranford Chronicle October 26, 1939
Rahway Valley Railroad is Short But in the Black Newark Evening Times April 24, 1940
Grade Crossing Authorized New York Sun September 24, 1940
All 5 Employees Walk Out, Tiny Jersey Road is Idle New York Times May 25, 1946
Little Rahway Valley Line Ponders Switch to Diesel Power Newark Sunday News March 7, 1948
Rahway Valley Traffic Increases Cranford Citizen & Chronicle March 21, 1948
Farm in Virginia new home for C.W. Nees family Cranford Citizen & Chronicle September 23, 1948
Obituary: Louis Lawrence Cranford Chronicle March 29, 1949
Rahway Valley RR Expects Diesel After January 1 Cranford Chronicle November 16, 1950
New Locomotive Arrives Cranford Citizen & Chronicle February 8, 1951
1 Lung Line Modernized New York Times April 27, 1951
Accept $1,900 in Rail-Car Suit Cranford Chronicle April 19, 1956
Railroad of 16 Men, Facing Strike by 4 New York Times January 14, 1959
12 Keep N.J. railroad Running While Other 3 Workers Strike New York Herald Tribune January 22, 1959
He'll Keep Line Going Despite Strike by Crew The Bulletin January 23, 1959
Tiny RR May Solve Commuter Problems March 15, 1959
Obituary: Paul Donovan Herald Statesman March 31, 1959
Veteran Railroader Says 'Boys Today Don't Know What Work Is' The Daily Times April 8, 1959
Rahway Railway Strike Ended New York Herald Tribune April 30, 1959
Truck Derails Locomotive New York Times July 19, 1960
Train and Truck Crash Disables Half of Railroad Lebanon Daily News July 19, 1960
Truck, Locomotive Crash In Rt. 22 Elizabeth Daily Journal July 19, 1960
Obituary: Benjamin Walker, Sr. The Evening News April 15, 1960
Railroad Slips 1963
Four Women Bring Suit July 25, 1967
Time Running Out For Tracks Maplewood News Record 1968/1969
Obituary: George A. Clark New York Times April 9, 1969
Kenilworth man dies in accident October 20, 1970
Killed In Crash Cranford Chronicle October 24, 1970
That Train and Route 22 New York Times February 25, 1973
Fire Guts Railroad Depot Cranford Chronicle August 22, 1974
Cahill Resigns FJ&G Post to Become Head of New Jersey Railroad Company Leader Herald February 14, 1975
Obituary: Robert G. Clark Cranford Chronicle June 19, 1975
Old RR Station to stand just the way it was 1976
Two sites under study for railroad museum Cranford Chronicle April 1, 1976
Historical Station Destroyed Cranford Chronicle May 10, 1979
Small But Potent Local Railroad Builds Anew Cranford Chronicle August 2, 1979
Off Track Cranford Chronicle September 2, 1979
RR Upgrading Underway Cranford Chronicle May 22, 1980
Kenilworth history unit honors Rahway Valley Line Cranford Chronicle June 19, 1980
Kenilworth becomes 'rail headquarters capital of NJ' Cranford Chronicle May 21, 1981
Small but successful, Rahway Valley RR chugs on Cranford Chronicle April 7, 1983
Basin construction threatens homeowner's yard, rail banks Cranford Chronicle April 19, 1984
Railroad has long history of 'roles' in movie industry Cranford Chronicle August 23, 1984
County steps in to find added freight for rail line Cranford Chronicle December 5, 1985
D&O is buying the venerable Rahway Valley Railroad Cranford Chronicle December 18, 1986
Born in Elmira 92 years ago, the RVRR Re-establishes a 'New York' Connection Cranford Chronicle December 18, 1986
Rahway Valley Line being sold to D&O Cranford Chronicle December 18, 1986
Landmark railroad office makes a northward journey Cranford Chronicle March, 1988
Rail crossing repair slated for this month Cranford Chronicle April, 1988
Where'd that train come from? Cranford Chronicle April, 1988

Rail repair is delayed

Cranford Chronicle May, 1988
Train Crossing is to be Repaired this Weekend Cranford Chronicle August 4, 1988
Kenilworth, railroad agree to land deal The Daily Journal March 14, 1991
Obituary: Henry Waffle, Jr. The Daily Gazette April 13, 1991

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