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No Chances to Pay Dividends

 No Chance to Pay Dividends

In view of the fact that it costs the Rahway Valley Railroad $25 a day to operate and it's gross receipts are only $10, the public untilies commission granted an increase of rates that will bring incomes and the outgo more nearly together, says a dispatch from Summit, NJ. Communication rates have been increased by 75 cents and fifty trip tickets $1.50 between Kenilworth, one of the stations on the road, and Bayonne, which is reached over the Central Railroad of New Jersey. Nobody appeared at the hearing to make any objection.

The Rahway Valley line enjoys the reputation of being the shortest in the country. It connects Summit to Aldene at the Central Railroad, the whole road is only eight miles long. Although the communication rate is over the two roads, Central Railroad granted full increase to rates to the shorter line.

H.F. Dankel is the Secretary of the Rahway Valley and owns the majority of the stock.

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