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Aldene Though Small Is a Busy Centre


Important Railroad point is this Borough—Some of its attractions.


Aldene is a section of the two boroughs, Roselle and Roselle Park, the division being made by the tracks of the Central Railroad.  The Central and Lehigh Valley Railroads have stations at Aldene and it is well known among railroad men in this part of the transfer center for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Lehigh Valley Railroad, Central Railroad of NJ and the Rahway Valley Railroad.  It transfers not only passengers, but freight as well.  The Rahway Valley makes it possible to have a very rapid means of transportation from Summit, Baltosrol, Springfield and Kenilworth.  Aldene is also a centre for transfer of the United States Express Company.


Thirty-nine trains per day run on the Central Railroad to and from New York and Aldene connecting there with the many other branch railroads.   Near the Aldene depot there are the Baltimore and Ohio and Staten Island Rapid Transit Railroad.  Crossing over the tracks of the Central Railroad of NJ one comes to the Lehigh Valley Railroad with a spur running on the Central Railroad at Aldene Station.


Aldene has many business places, one church and two schools.  At the depot there is a Union Newstand which carries all the popular magazines, books, and daily papers besides tobacco and cigars.  On the north side of the track is the residence of Chief of Police, Robert Gordon, of Roselle Park.  Near the station is Nielson Grove for picnics and all outdoor amusements. 


Two trolley lines run through Aldene on the mainline from Elizabeth to Dunellen and the other on the north side of the Central Railroad on Westfield Avenue.  This is on Elizabeth line and is now being extended to Kenilworth and Springfield.  On Westfield Avenue there is a grove for picnics and on the place is the Pennter House, which is conducted by Mrs. M. MacCormick who has been a resident of Aldene for years.  Among the older residents are John Peterson, who has resided in a beautiful home on Amsterdam Avenue for twenty years; Mrs. A. Clark, who was a former ticket agent at Aldene and has resided in Aldene for fifteen years;  Capt. E. I. VanWay, pilot of the Wilkes Barre Ferry Boat for the Central Railroad running from Jersey City to 23rd Street New York, Capt. VanWay resides on Aldene Road. 


The leading grocery story is conducted by A. Nielson on Amsterdam Avenue and Aldene Road.  Mr. Nielson also conducts a delicatessen store.  A. Lozen a former merchant but now retired resides on 5th Avenue.  P. Wyhetta, also a retired merchant, occupies a handsome residence on 5th Avenue.


Mrs. F. Northway was one of the early settlers who first lived in a house on the hill now occupies a residence on Gordon Street.


E. A. Hunt, who conducts a clothing and ladies outfitting store in NY, resides on Aldene Road.


A.Arbuckle, who runs a millinery store in New York, has a residence on Aldene Road.


J. Riccitelli, is the leading butcher and grocer on Westfield Avenue.  There is also a Riccitelli Photograph Studio on Westfield Avenue.


A.Contnello has a barber shop and S. Sli  vns a carpenter shop on Westfield Avenue.


F. Klov a carpenter and builder resides on Seaton and Flatbush Avenues.


William Livingston lives in a beautiful residence off Proser Avenue and commutes to New York, where he is a dealer of silk and cloth for suits.


J. Van Roosa conducts a masons and builders office on Grove Street.


Charles Bauser cattle raiser, has a large stockyard on Seaton Avenue.


The public schools of Aldene are new building and well appointed, up to date primary schools.  One in Roselle is located on the property donated to the Borough by Mr. Bonchet.  The school in Roselle Park Borough is the Lincoln School on Willow Street.


R. Boroughs, a retired mason, has a residence on 1st Avenue.


J. A. Schwartwait, connected with the National Aircell business in South Brooklyn, has a residence on North Avenue where he has resided for ten years.


Charles Peterson, who is employed by Painting Company shop, owns a residence on Gordon Street.


A.A. Taake, runs a cigar manufactory, and has a residence and inventory on Senton Avenue and Locust Place.


O. Tieman, conducts the Shady Grove Hotel and Beer Bottling Works on Westfield Avenue.  Other beer bottling works are those of F. Schuler, Williams Avenue and J. Jensen on 7th Avenue.


E. Bunce, a lithographer, has a residence on Grove Street.


G. Beaverson, has a residence on Locust Avenue and is in the music typography and electrotype business in New York.


C. Watson, master mechanic of the Watson Stillman Company, has a residence on First Avenue.


R. Baker, superintendent of the Outside Works of the Watson Stillman Company, has a residence on Faitoute Avenue.


E. V. Root owns a residence on Westfield Avenue.  He is a Wall Street broker.


William Bogart, of Bogart Manor has been a resident  of Aldene for the past 25 years.  He is a freight agent for the Central Railroad of NJ at Aldene.


Edward Klein, a resident of Webster Avenue, is the head shipping and stock clerk for the Watson-Stillman company works.


Ridgeway and Hobbs, dealers in coal, wood, lumber and masons material have their yards on Westfield Avenue and the new Aldene station.


Justice of the Peace, Benjamin Brown, looks after the legal part of the towns affairs.


H. F. Moore runs an apiary on Fifth avenue, where hundreds of pounds of honey are sold every year.


Four hotels, only a little way apart, are established in business on Westfield Avenue-Aldene Park Hotel, A. Bertram, proprietor; The Old Homestead Hotel, T. Gerard, proprietor; The Old Timers Hotel, F. Mooney, proprietor; and the Union House Hotel, F. Dobbins, proprietor.


G. Gallis runs the Maple Grove Poultry Farm on Westfield Avenue.


An Italian Count and Countess Panciatichi have been living in Aldene for fifteen years.  The Countess owns a vast amount of property through Aldene.  A. Bonchet is her secretary and C. Gottsleben is her agent.


Aldene now has a population of about 1,500 and about 75 of its residents commute to and from New York every day.


Source: Elizabeth Daily Journal, Saturday Evening June 30, 1906. Courtest of Ed Leonard.

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