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Abandoned | W. Colfax Ave.

Grade Crossing: W. Colfax Ave.

The rails still remain at W. Colfax Ave. on the old Lehigh Valley Branch. In the photo on the left we look south towards the old Lehigh Valley interchange. In the photo on the right, history emerges from the asphalt. Interesting to note is what appears to railroad ties, laid parallel in between the rails in the roadway. 6/18/2013. Photos taken by Richard J. King.

The Rahway Valley Railroad's Lehigh Valley Branch crossed W. Colfax Ave. , on the border of Kenilworth and Roselle Park, at grade. This shouldn't be confused with the RVRR Mainline's crossing of W. Colfax Ave. on its way to Aldene). The last movements over this crossing were made in 1988, the Delaware Otsego Corporation subsequently closed the branch line. All of the rails were removed, except for those in the roadways. Since then, road improvement projects have claimed the rails at the Lehigh Valley Branch crossings on Fairfield Ave. in Kenilworth and on W. Webster Ave. in Roselle Park. The rails remain in place through W. Colfax Ave.

This modern day aerial shows the exact location (arrow) of the W. Colfax grade crossing, for anyone who is wondering where it is. The red line denotes the location of the RVRR Lehigh Valley Branch. The athletic fields of the Roselle Park High School can be seen on the right. Google Maps.

Just over this red fence, which crosses the RVRR right-of-way, can be seen the Roselle Park High School's field with its tall stadium lights, just as they were when the RVRR ran through here. The only thing that has changed since RVRR days is the new home on the right, and its fence. See what this location looked like back then. 6/18/2013. Photos taken by Richard J. King.

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