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Map 5B

Map 5B
Roselle Park


Rahway Valley Railroad, End of Track LVB MP 0.532
Grade Crossing: W. Webster Ave. LVB MP 0.54
Diamond Crossing LVB MP 0.66
Interchange: Lehigh Valley Railroad (later Conrail, NJT)
Station: Roselle Park
See Also: Along the Lehigh Line

The Rahway Valley Railroad's interchange with the Lehigh Valley Railroad (see the RV/LV interchange pages), and later Conrail after 1976, was an important spot for the RV. During the course of the existence of this interchange (1898-1988) a total of three track arrangements can be ascertained. The earliest track arrangement (Map 5B 1906) was a rather simple one. One track ran along the LV main up to the freight house. A connection to the mainline was made with a crossover. Later on as car movements increased the track arrangement here followed suit (Map 5B 1949). Additional tracks were constructed near the freight house between Locust and Chestnut Streets. A runaround also appears west of Locust Street. The Aldene Plan of 1967 changed the track arrangement here quite a bit. The interchange yard was cut back from Chestnut Street to Locust Street and the yard was reestablished there. In lieu of the LVs freight house, a team track was constructed which formed a diamond crossing with the track the RV utilized.  

MAP 5B - 1906

Map drawn by Richard J. King. 1/2014.


MAP 5B - 1949

Map drawn by Richard J. King. 1/2014.


MAP 5B - 1976

Map drawn by Richard J. King. 1/2014.

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