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Diamond Crossing

Diamond Crossing


If one went to the Lehigh Valley’s yard, which was the interchange point with the RV, the first piece of trackwork encountered after climbing the slight grade on the curve beyond Webster Avenue was the diamond.

Two rail lengths past Webster Avenue was the property line separating the Lehigh Valley from the Rahway Valley. The track beyond this point was laid with 132 lb. rail, upgraded from the 70lb. rail utilized by the Rahway Valley. The entire yard was also laid with the heavier rail and was owned and maintained by the Lehigh Valley.

East of the diamond, and opposite the Roselle Park High School, laid the runaround and storage tracks for the LV/RV interchange. Prior to the Aldene Plan, the original interchange and team track extended all the way to Chestnut Street. Following elevation of the Lehigh Valley and construction of the new Roselle Park station, the track was cut back to Locust Street.

The diamond itself was constructed to allow the LV’s team track to curve into a paved area beyond the RV’s lead. There was a small freight office and room to spot one or two cars.

The diamond at Roselle Park. 1985. Collection of Steve Lynch.


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(Research: Jeff Jargosch)


The Rahway Valley meets an ex-CNJ American Crane 252m in this Conrail era photo. July, 1979. Photo taken by Paul Carpenito.

#17 approaches the elusive diamond while working the interchange in the winter of 1985. The track crossing at center is the former LV, now Conrail team track. Note the brakeman on the engine walkway and the flag at his feet. Winter 1985.

#17 crosses the diamond at Roselle Park with freight in tow.Both B&W photos: Collection of Jeff Jargosch.

This photographs reveals much about the track arrangements at the eastern end of the Conrail (ex-LV) / RV interchange at Roselle Park. The photographer, looking southwest, is standing on the track utilized by the RV and connects with the RV's Lehigh Valley Branch just beyond the curve. To the extreme left can be seen the elevated Conrail (ex-LV) mainline. These tracks were elevated as part of the Aldene Plan which was implemented in 1967.  To the right of that are two tracks that converge just up ahead and hitch up with the elevated Conrail mainline just out of view. The track which cuts from left to right, and forms a diamond with the track utilized by the RV, is the Lehigh Valley team track. Photos above and below taken by Jeff Jargosch.

The diamond, looking towards Kenilworth. 1990. Photo taken by Peter Thornton, courtesy of Don Maxton.

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