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W. Webster Ave.

Grade Crossing:  W. Webster Ave.


Click here to see a film clip of #13 crossing W. Webster Ave.
In color! circa 1950's.
Collection of Jeff Jargosch.

#16 backs across W. Webster Ave. on its way to the Lehigh Valley interchange in this 1983 view.

The trains of the Rahway Valley Railroad crossed W. Webster Ave. (LVB MP 0.54) in Roselle Park . The tracks themselves in this section were owned by the Lehigh Valley Railroad which constructed a small spur to connect with the New York & New Orange Railroad in 1898. The LV's track ended just a few short rail lengths north of W. Webster Ave. (LVB MP 0.532). Despite being owned by the LV, this crossing was only ever utilized by RV trains (and earlier NY&NO and NOFJ).

This roadway was not extant at the time of the LV's construction of its short spur to the NY&NO in 1898. It was not until 1919 that the Borough of Roselle Park petitioned to have a grade crossing put in place here, to facilitate vehicular transportation between both sides of the track.

This crossing has not seen any train movements since the RV's Lehigh Valley Branch and interchange with the former Lehigh Valley Railroad were closed in 1988. Rails were later removed.

#15 has had an unfortunate meeting with a truck of the Corson Brothers, Tree Experts at the W. Webster Ave. grade crossing. 1/20/1951. Collection of Jeff Jargosch.


#13, coming from the LV interchange, rounds the curve and heads for W. Webster Ave. The house seen on the right still stands. Fall, 1947.
Photo taken by Charles Roselius, collection of Don Oberding.

Having just made the pick up from the Lehigh Valley at Roselle Park, #17 rounds the curve and heads for W. Webster Ave. The brakeman has the flag at the ready. 10/1969. Photo taken by Paul Carpenito.

#17 has passed the photographer and is about to cross W. Webster Ave. The brakeman has the big red flag ready to go. Frank Froat, the engineer, is seen leaning out of the cab. 10/1969. Photo taken by Paul Carpenito.

Looking north towards Kenilworth, W. Webster Ave. in the foreground. Photo taken by Jeff Jargosch.

Looking south towards the Lehigh Valley interchange at Roselle Park. The curve seen just up ahead was the location of several of the photographs taken on this page. Photo taken by Jeff Jargosch.



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