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Liberty Avenue

Grade Crossing: Liberty Avenue

The Liberty Avenue grade crossing, looking towards Springfield. Breeze-Eastern can be seen on the right. March 1988.
Photo taken by Jeff Jargosch.


Liberty Avenue (MP 3.51) in Union crossed the Rahway Valley Railroad at grade. At the time of the railroad’s construction through this area in 1905 this roadway was named Springfield Road. Later this portion of the roadway was renamed Liberty Avenue while the portion between Western Electric and Route 22 remained Springfield Road. The Rahway Valley Railroad constructed a small passenger station here known as Katemiller Station, but later renamed Arion Station in 1907. Passenger timetables mention this stop, albeit a flag stop, until as late as 1914. This area remained rural for many years and the nearby Farcher’s Grove and Union Race Track providing outdoor recreation. This portion of the railroad began to take on a more industrial atmosphere with the construction of Western Electric (telephones) and Breeze-Eastern (helicopters). The railroad only ever served Western Electric. Although Breeze had a rail siding it was never utilized nor was it ever connected to the main track. Service dwindled on the portions of the RV west of this location in the 1980’s. The last train to pass this crossing did so in 1986.

Wm. Wyer & Co.
Report on Rahway Valley Railroad
August 1944

Liberty Ave., Union, N.J.

One track (main).

Plank crossing
Asphalt macadam road
Vehicular - Medium
2 P.U. signs

See George Clark's letter from June 28, 1955 regarding
operating procedures over this crossing. Click here.

Click here to see a film clip of #13 crossing Liberty Ave.
In color! circa 1950's.
Collection of Jeff Jargosch.

#17 rolls through the weeds on its way eastward. The Liberty Avenue grade crossing is just behind the photographer. Infrequent use on this portion of the Rahway Valley has led to the weeds taking over the right-of-way. Collection of Jeff Jargosch.

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