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Abandoned | Market Street

Grade Crossing: Market Street

These two photos show the Market Street grade crossing as it appears today. 1/26/2013. Photos taken by Richard J. King

The Market Street grade crossing in Kenilworth was an interesting one. The RVRR's tracks cut straight through a four way intersection of Market Street and Fairfield Avenue. This intersection, now protected by traffic signals had no such protection in the time of the RVRR, and was much less busy than it is today. Like many of the other RVRR grade crossings, this crossing had no signals or gates. A lone flagman would protect this crossing as the train made its way towards Aldene, or back towards Kenilworth.

Today, the tracks still remain in place through the middle of this busy intersection, which is adorned by "Tracks Out of Service" signs rather than the RVRR's signature hand-painted, wooden, crossbucks.

This view shows the rails going straight through the middle of the Market Street and Fairfield Avenue intersection. The rails in the roadway are still the original RVRR rails while those in the foreground are newer, being put in place during the attempted 2001-2007 reactivation of the railroad. The large beige building looming in the background is Merck, previously Schering-Plough, and in the time of the RVRR it was White Labs (all pharmaceutical companies). The RVRR had a long siding into White Labs. 1/26/2013.

Photo taken by Richard J. King

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