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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 7/10/2016

Amtrak Northeast Corridor Eddystone Station and NS Chester Secondary Essington PA

June 18 2016

It is a blistering hot day in July, just the kind of day to be trackside for a special event (not really). And no, SEPTA Silverliner IV's are not what people have lined up to see, but they do foreshadow a future SEPTA system where they would be the only MU in town when, two weeks later, SEPTA's entire fleet of 120 Silverliner V's would be sidelined due to a structural defect.
A little more foreshadowing with the guest of honor's usurper running ahead pulling a string of Amfleets on a Regional, a chore which was once the province of the much awaited main event.

And here it is, Extra 942, the retirement run of the last operating Amtrak AEM-7's (technically AEM-7AC's). After a quick trip up the NEC from Washington to Philadelphia, the special turned and ran down to Wilmington Shops where the passengers toured the facilities before continuing on to DC. This was supposed to be the last run of the motors, but within a month, SEPTA would make inquiries of nearby transit systems as to the availability of equipment to fill the void left by the Silverliner V's absence. First reports are that SEPTA is leasing from Amtrak a couple of usurpers, er, ACS-64's along with five of the Amfleets, from NJ Transit an ALP and eight Comet coaches and from MARC five coaches. That will fill only about 1,700 of the 13,000 seats that SEPTA is missing, so depending on how they were stored, the Amtrak's pair could join SEPTA's lucky seven and keep on working just a little bit longer.

While waiting for the special, NS H86 crept by on the Chester Secondary, slowly enough that, after the special passed, was able to catch them at Wanamaker Avenue in Essington. One thing for sure, SEPTA isn't looking for diesels, but frankly beggars can't be choosers, so we may see a return of the Fox Chase, Doylestown and West Trenton Railworks Specials.

All pictures June 18 2016

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