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Esquimalt & Naniamo

Early Years Gallery


Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Mark S. Horne/R.R.Horne Collection
Except as otherwise credited

This utilitarian structure contained the passenger station of the E & N on Johnson Street in Victoria.
Note the typical chalk board for train schedule. Note too the roof sign. April 30, 1967

The station also housed train dispatcher offices for the E&N, Freight Marketing and Sales offices, Passenger ticket office, Victoria yardmaster and operator offices as well. When the station was torn down the train dispatcher the sales and marketing offices, along with most of the jobs in the shops in Victoria were moved to Vancouver.

This building was demolished in 1972 following construction a new station at Catherine Street near the yard and shops.
In 1985 the station moved back downtown to a new station built by VIA Rail. The earlier station survived as the Victoria
yard office until the Victoria terminal was closed down in the mid 1990's and the building was torn down.

The large building next to it is The Janion building which in 1895 was bought by the E&N for their offices.

CP 9102 detraining passengers. April 30, 1967. A track also goes to the left along Store Street.
Note the warehouse (at left) across the street with track running inside.
Scott & Peden was an old feed and grain dealer. A son "Torchy" Peden was a famous cycle racer.
The building at 1415-1425 Store Street was redeveloped in the 1970's as part of Market Square.

9024 in old colour scheme and end stripes. c.1963-64 Digital restoration Gordon Kennedy

Northwest corner of Johnson and Store Streets 1942. E&N Station construction.
Duncan Macphail/BC Archives

9023 (going away) is crossing Johnson Street bridge as it arrives in Victoria. March 31, 1968
Station is white building in left background with Scott & Peden warehouse beyond.

Victoria station in background.

9199 with roof mounted warning light replacing outlawed (by CTC) MARS light.
Victoria 5/26/1973

Modern station built in 1985 to historic style by VIA. Now closed. Victoria 2/27/2008

Hydraulic Switcher 15 heads past Capital Iron & Metals along Store Street while a young boy looks on. July 1965
Between 1934 and 1971 Capital Iron & Metal dismantled nearly 100 ships. In 1971 it was transformed into a retail business.

Same place, different angle, different diesel, different era. 6573 S-3 MLW 82159 4/1957 Victoria c.1970
Restored building at 1824-32 Store Street was built in 1890 and is part of the redevelopment known as Market Square.

Yet another view of the same area! This one features SW8 6701 in CP Rail paint scheme.
February 29, 1990. Jamie Douglas Masters/John Cowan Collection

A crowded scene at the busy little yard in Victoria. To far right is a small portion of the roundhouse. Beyond the turntable is the car shop farther back the stores building and sand tower. Baldwin diesels in middle and at far left is CLC Hydraulic switcher with steam powered auxiliary crane. Work service equipment in between. July 13, 1968

414326 the last operating steam powered auxiliary crane on the entire CPR. July 13, 1968

414326 at work ten days later. July 23, 1968 It has been preserved in BC.

8012-8004-8009 three of the Baldwin 1000 hp road switchers that dieselized the E&N. Victoria August 30, 1968
DRS44-1000 BLW-CLC 12/1948

Chalkboard in roundhouse used to keep track of diesel maintenance.

15 with logging flats south end of Esquimalt siding M.3.6 Victoria Sub. looking north.
Dave Wilkie/Bruce Chapman Collection

Extra 8008 on the Island. 1970 Mac Owen Collection/Joseph Testagrose Collection.

CP Rail era




3001_3011_3004 and 3002_30xx. Also, 3010 in background. All GP38AC.
Nanaimo, VI. June 3, 1992 Marty Bernard.

Rolling stock

437083 plywood sheathed wooden SUF van. 414325 auxiliary crane behind.

EN 292077 (CP Rail Multimark) 40 foot staggered double door 3895 cu. ft. box (292000-292384 series).
Pensacola, Florida 4/07/1978 Paul Wilshaw/Rick Morgan Collection

These cars were given E & N reporting marks (which CP had rights to) to better ensure their prompt return to VI for loading of forest products destined to the US. This was to overcome a problem with CP cars being held in the US and reloaded.


Bayview Place

This entire site is being incorporated into the Bayview Place project.

Mile 0 Parksville Subdivision. Parksville, VI

A. project of E&N Division CRHA


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