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Southern Railway of British Columbia

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Trapp Yard

New Westminister, BC

Eastward area (to right) continues below:

New West - Surrey

Map annotations courtesy of Andy Cassidy

East end of the SRY Trapp Yard. You can see the CN line to the far lower left, then the Mile board between it
and the CP Old Main. SRY tracks to the right of that. Queensborough Bridge over the yard and Fraser River.

Closeup of yard. SRY 121_122 closest to camera.

SRY_135_001 at right.

View below is looking down from that bridge above.

SRY Trapp Yard. SRY shop top right.
A mile West of CN & CP New Westminster yard.
The CP Old Main is to the immediate left of that string of cars at far left.
The CN Lulu Island Industrial Line is way up on the far Left corner heading into the distance.
It swings low past the SRY Trapp yard on the Left side of the shot out of view.
Mile 15 CP Marpole Spur at the East end of Trapp Yard is just behind the
photographer who is standing up on the Queensborough Bridge looking West.

July 14, 2017 Mark Forseille



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