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4069 leads 8775 and 8752 all in Script paint scheme passing Zagermans and Ottawa West siding
along Scott Street at Merton Avenue heading uphill to Parkdale Avenue with train #84 from Smiths Falls.

The Carleton Place Subdivision had been closed at the end of August 1967 from McRae Avenue
west to Bells Junction. Years later a portion of the subdivision was used for a bus-only transit way.

So freight trains from Smiths Falls had to use the CNR Beachburg Subdivision eastward from Bells Junction to Ellwood Diamond, then take the Prescott Subdivision north to Ottawa West, then head west on the remnants of the
Carleton Place Subdivision and back into Ottawa West yard until it was abandoned October 29, 1967.

Now (2018) with the new electric Confederation LRT being constructed at this point, (above) there is an entrance at
Scott and Merton here, and at this point, the LRT is going downhill from the overpass at Bayview Road/Ottawa West,
towards the Tunney’s Pasture station at Holland and Scott. LBC

NOTE: 4069 has been preserved at WCRA's West Coast Railway Heritage Park
in Squamish, BC where it operates at times.

Pool 263 from Ottawa Union to Brockville is just leaving Ottawa West station in 1965 Peter Dawes Collection

Bringing up the rear is 280764 passenger service reefer equipped with high speed trucks, steel wheels, steam heat Barco connection, air communicating signal line and brackets for marker lamps. It carried Royal Mail from Ottawa to Smith Falls
a distribution point for many surrounding communities. If unloaded in time this car would return empty on 264 that evening,
if not unloaded in time it would return next morning on Pool 34 (Toronto-Havelock-Smiths Falls-Ottawa). Handling this car
on the rear of train allowed for a quick set-off.

Passenger power on freight! Extra 8559 West and 1915 (89 mph) trailing with local freight job heading to Bells Junction.
Holland Avenue level crossing, Carleton Place Sub. Bill Linley Digital restoration: Walter Pfefferle
Full story about what brought about this movement with this power!

CN 6529 No. 38 leaving as afternoon train to Montreal. c.1970

CN No.38 and CP No.235 passing.

4071 No. 235 arriving from Montreal.

4071 No. 234 with just three cars leaving for Montreal the next day.

Shabby paint a sign of the times.

Weed-free right-of-way was a common sight at the time.
Not only does this look good it provides good drainage a much required aspect of good track maintenance.

Above sequence of six photographs by Kevin Day.c.1970

Last runs of CP 232 233 234 235 was on 7/31/1970 with the 4074

8462-8463 No.5 Expo Limited. Ottawa Station 1967 L.B.Chapman Collection

No. 1 engine 1417 The Canadian from Montreal on the M&O Subdivision just coming up to Deep Cut where CNR
trackage rights started. The line on the right is the CNR Alexandria Subdivision, which is the line that the 1417 is about to enter.
Signal 868 is 86.8 miles from Vaudreuil. That’s the old wooden decrepit CNR roundhouse on the far right at Ottawa East.
Ian Taylor August 1958

7028 (Alco S-2 #73386 6/1945) arriving at Ottawa West off the M&O Sub. with Hull Transfer. C.1950
Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection

M-4 3528 with its replacement, 7088 a brand new MLW S-2 the first diesel in Ottawa. 2/21/1949 Canadian Pacific

7088 (MLW S-2 #75863 2/1949) switching the River Yard at Ottawa West. c.1950
Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection

Sperry car 123 looking for track defects, is about to cross Carling Avenue (Highway 17) west of Britannia, and about
to enter the stiff Nepean grade. This was on August 8th, 1965, 2 years before track abandonment of the Carleton Place
Subdivision which was August 28th, 1967. The right of way is now a bike path. Look at all those old cars!
FINA gas station in background. Bill Linley/Bruce Chapman Collection.

Here is #76 engine 4224 the freight train from Ottawa West to St. Luc via the M&O Subdivision heading south, on the Prescott Subdivision. It is on a shoefly while the cut is being made for the new Prescott/Ellwood Subdivision at Carling Avenue where
you can see how far southward they have progressed on the cut, and some sodding is occurring on the east side of the cut.
There is lots of water in the cut north of Carling Avenue towards Young Street. June 7, 1966 L.B.Chapman

The new track in the cut is now used by the O Train of OC Transpo more formally Capital Railway starting October 15, 2001.

Shop Track

E8 1802 m.u.'ed with F9B 1903 an extremely rare occurrence for such a consist! Power for 234 to Montreal.

6528 long-time Ottawa engine equipped for road service (combination pilot, illuminated front number board,
classification lamps and chime air horn) on light branches. Paul McGrane Collection

6620 part of only one 10 unit order (6614-6623) S-11 last 660 hp. MLW 82562 7/1959 Ottawa 3/27/1964

6620 with a fresh paint job (ex Angus 3/21/1966) in new Script style lettering.
Digital restoration Gordon Kennedy

8124 part of original 31 unit order for SW1200RS. GMD A1504 10/1958 Ottawa West 1/23/1967 Bruce Chapman
In the background that tender belongs to CNR 6200 waiting to go to the National Museum of Science of Technology.

8448 on the table. (RS-3 MLW #81037 10/1954) Ottawa West August 1958 Ian Taylor

8769 MLW 82449 4/1958 Later rebuilt 1860. Subsequent owner OSR 180.

Train Master's were not a common sight in Ottawa. 8906_4239 shop Walkley yard 11/25/1967 Bruce Chapman


8778_8912_4069 No.90 (Smiths Falls - Ottawa West) crossing Gilchrist Avenue long-time
residence of notible personality one L. Bruce Chapman!
Three photos: 12/05/1966 Bruce Chapman

Along Scott Street crossing Ross Avenue. Now depressed line for OC Transpo light rail.
Note: Scroll up to see colour photo of No. 76 eng. 4224 and construction underway.

8778_8912_4069 passing Ottawa West station. End of the run is near!
Note: Consist made up of three units from three builders!
8778 MLW RS-18, 8912 CLC-FM H24-66 4069 GMD FP7A
4069 preserved at WCRA in Squamish, BC

Ottawa Union Station and Ottawa (new) Station

Change between these two stations detailed.
CPR Ottawa Subdivision (new) Bulletin effective 12.01 a.m. Sunday, July 31, 1966
CNR Bulletin effective 8.00 a.m. Wednesday, August 3, 1966

E-8 1800 No.10 Sudbury-Montreal local train connecting at Sudbury with Vancouver-Toronto No. 6.
Ottawa Union Station Saturday, August 1958. Ian Taylor

1419-1422 No.1 The Canadian westbound from Montreal to Sudbury. Track two Ottawa Union Station.
Sunday, October 4, 1959

View car (ex NYC) with consist for Number 33 Pool train to Toronto via Havelock.
RDC for No. 134 to Montreal via Lachute.
Ottawa Union coach yard. 1965 Bruce Chapman Collection

CNR did all switching for CPR. Weeks away from closure. 6/19/1966

Ottawa Station

Number 1 The Canadian led by 1404_1903_1409 westbound on track 4 Ottawa Station. CNR cars at right are on track 5,
a yard track. Note the white wagon used only for ice for air conditioning. Six 300 lbs. blocks would be loaded into
underslung bunkers. Parlor cars took 18 blocks, almost 3 tons! No easy task. Further, it was common for two carmen
to go through a car and a half of ice per 8 hour shift! Smaller ice, used for drinking water was handled by the "ice man".

FP9A 1411 leads The Canadian with a short consist. 11/171976 T.Grumley/Joseph Testagrose Collection

1417 leads No. 1 at Ottawa. May 30, 1971 Roger Puta

VIA No.3 1412_4478_1432 with the last westbound run of The Canadian
from Windsor Station Montreal 10/28/1978. View from opposite direction below.

Note the "Highway Yellow" pickup. This paint scheme was widely used for vehicles
as being highly visible. It's use was later discontinued as being carcinogenic!
Current school buses are a darker yellow and not lead paint.



FP9A CN 6537 on track 3 of the new Ottawa Station leading what is likely westbound No. 1 Super Continental 5/1972
Jim Shaughnessy/Joseph Testagrose Collection

CN 8030 one of three regular units. (8030, 8031 and 8032) S-4 1000 hp MLW 76445 1/1954
New Ottawa Station 4/6/1971 Joseph Testagrose Collection



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