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Dominion Construction Corporation

Harry F. McLean, prop.

Incorporated April 1912 in Ontario to carry out general construction work.
Work was done on a number of railway lines throughout Ontario.

Grenville Crushed Rock was incorporated January 1921 to own a quarry for ballast
at Deeks where equipment was also stored and repaired.
Note: The Deeks operation was located at mile 109.5 of the CPR Winchester Subdivision
between Merrickville and Bedell east of Smiths Falls.

DCC 2187 Built by Davenport #2187 4/1931 Library and Archives Canada. PA 206774
Became 8/1938 Gulf Pulp & Paper 38.

Note: Sister engine 2185 became GP&P 48 and is displayed at Clarke City.

Gulf Pulp and Paper

DCC 3298 70-ton Three Truck Shay acq. 6/1932 (ex Alcan 12/1930) Lima 3298 3/1926
Library and Archives Canada. PA 208170
Sold 5/1946 to Standard Chemical, South River, Ont.
Became Abitibi Power & Paper 70. Preserved at Iroquois Falls, ON

DCC 656 air dump newly repainted. Deek. Library and Archives Canada PA 203938


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