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Gulf Pulp and Paper Company

Nine mile non-common carrier railway between Clarke City where a mill was located to a dock at Pointe Noire,Quebec.
Operation closed and line abandoned 1968.

GP&P 20 Clarke Steamship North Voyageur at dock. Pointe Noire 1935. Kevin Griffin Collection
Cruises on the North Voyageur, which had berths for 62 overnight passengers, ran 12 nights round trip from Montreal and started at $100. Ports of call included Quebec, Godbout, Clarke City, Havre St. Pierre, Natashquan and Corner Brook, Newfoundland, returning via Natashquan, Sept Iles and Franquelin.

CN D-7-a 482 was Intercolonial 92:2 built at Moncton in January 1900, later IRC and CGR 1016.
It was retired by CNR in 1923 and sold or leased to QRL&P 20 in 5-1923.
The Mogul was returned to Lucien Dusseault (the agent in the CNR-QRL&P sale or lease in 1923)
who re-sold it to Gulp Pulp & Paper at Clark City Quebec in 1924. It was scrapped between 1946 and 1948.

This appears to be a Birkenhead built wood burner. Point Noire 1905.
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Ancient looking 38 (acq.8/1938 ex Dominion Construction 2187) Davenport 2187 4/1931
still at work in Clarke City, Quebec July 17, 1961 Forester A. Kemp

Note: Engine is coal fired. Diamond stack is to catch sparks around the mill.

A used GE 70-tonner was acquired ending steam.
PGE 554 GE 30177 6/1949 Sold 4/1964 Gulf Pulp & Paper 65.
Later (12/1968) became Ventura County 2.

38 was originally preserved in 1969 by Yvon Bordeleau in Quebec City.
It was acquired 10/1985 by Horst Muller for display at his Christian Bell Porcelain in Mount Forest, ON.
Later, it went to a still-born tourist railroad in the Finger Lakes area of New York.
In 2002 it went to Catawisa Railroad, a caboose lodge in Catawisa, Pennsylvania.

Note: Sister engine 48 (ex DCC 2185) was displayed at the QN&SL station in Sept Iles, Que.
along with QNS&L 702 4-6-2 (ex ONR 702). It was moved to Clarke City in 1998 for their centennial display.

38 at work with combine in the early 1960's. Note footboards instead of pilot. David H. Page

GP&P 38 with both of the ancient (Circa 1870) ex Intercolonial small combines. August 1961 David H. Page

Little 2 1/2 year old Sandra stands next to "big" wheelsets. In the background behind the old truss-rod flat cars
is one of the combines now painted yellow and a yellow speeder. 1968. David H. Page

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