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CPR Train Register Don Thursday, March 24th. 1955.
John F. Mellow

2/901 (westbound 2nd class freight via Parkdale) 2472-2424 2.33 A.M.
905 (westbound 2nd class freight via Parkdale) 2809 6.21 A.M.
No.33 (westbound passenger from Ottawa via Havelock) 2466 6.58 A.M. 7.00 A.M.
1/21 (westbound passenger from Montreal to Union.) 1407-1919 7.17 A.M.
2/21 (westbound pasenger from Montreal to Union) 1432-1419 7.29 A.M.
No.23 (westbound passenger from Ottawa to Union) 2801 7.48 A.M.
No. 601 (westbound passenger from Peterboro) not booked due 9.07 A.M.
No. 36 (eastbound passenger via Havelock to Montreal) not booked due 9.26 A.M.
No.602 (eastbound passenger to Peterboro) 1252 6.35 P.M. 6.36 P.M.
910 (eastbound 2nd class freight to Trenton/Montreal) 2807-3724 assist 6.59 P.M.
No.35 (westbound psgr. from Montreal via Havelock) 1421 7.48 P.M. 7.50 P.M.
1/22 (eastbound passenger to Montreal) 1427-xxxx 11.08 P.M
2/22 (eastbound passenger to Montreal) 1419-xxxx 11.26 P.M.
No.34 (eastbound passenger to Ottawa via Havelock) not booked 11.38 P.M.
No.24 (eastbound passenger to Ottawa via Trenton) 3727 assist-2466 11.47 P.M.

Note: Booking trailing diesel units not mandatory account only lead unit used in train orders.
It appears the night man did and the afternoon man did not except assist engines which would be required.

Assignment of passenger diesels.




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