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Assignment of power

Beginning in late May 1954, dieselization of Montreal-Toronto trains by the CPR had resulted in the utilization of an interesting operational pattern for the units each night. Two units assigned to each of the two sections of trains 21 and 22 respectively, from Montreal and from Toronto. When the four units arrived in Toronto in the morning on the two sections of 21, two of them continued westbound as far as Windsor, Ont. One unit went to Owen Sound on train 705. The final unit returned to Montreal on day train 36. In the evening, the two units returned on train No. 22 from Detroit, and continued with the train to Montreal. The unit which went to Owen Sound on train 705 returned on train 708, and combined with the unit arriving from Montreal on day train No. 35, returned overnight to Montreal on the second section of train No. 22.

With the arrival of both sections of No. 22 in Montreal in the morning, both units from one section and one unit from the other section combined (A-B-A), to handle train No. 354 to Quebec City, while the remaining unit went on train No. 35 to Toronto. In the evening, the units that went to Quebec on No. 354, returned on No. 355, and combined with the unit arriving on day train No. 36 from Toronto, returned overnight on both sections of No. 21 to Toronto, two units per section.

Although 1400's and 1900's could be found on trains 7 and 8 periodically outside the pattern, this cycle lasted until introduction of The Canadian in April of 1955 and a new more complicated cycle was introduced.

Douglas R. Phillips


The dieselisation of #21 and #22 March 11,1954 saw the replacement of the only two K1 class 4-8-4's 3100 and 3101.

The 1400 and 1900 series passenger units were geared for 89 mph. and their assignment to the most important long-haul trains was desirable for the CPR's image. Their intense usage was necessary because the only way to make diesels pay for themselves was high utilization. Keep them running!



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