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Esquimalt and Nanaimo

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E&N Railfreight (CPR) 1996-1998

E&N Railway Company (1998) Ltd.

Southern Railway of Vancouver Island Rail Link 2006
Island Corridor Foundation



437083 plywood sheathed wooden SUF van. 414325 auxiliary crane behind.

EN 292077 (CP Rail Multimark) 40 foot staggered double door 3895 cu. ft. box (292000-292384 series).
Pensacola, Florida 4/07/1978 Paul Wilshaw/Rick Morgan Collection

These cars were given E&N reporting marks (which CP had rights to) to better ensure their prompt return to VI for loading
of forest products destined to the US. This was to overcome a problem with CP cars being held in the US and reloaded.









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