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HX Tower

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HX Tower
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B&O opened HX Tower in Halethorpe, Maryland during 1917 to control traffic switching between the Old Main Line and Washington Branch. After CSX centralized traffic control, it closed the tower during 1985. The tower continued to be used by train crews into the 2000s, but during the 2010s was broken into and occupied by homeless. With its windows uncovered, rain is entering and hastening the structure's demise.

Period From A Distance Closeups and Interior
In Use 1927 by Baltimore Sun  
Photo courtesy The Baltimore Sun
circa 1930 circa 1930
Links: 1956, 1956

Feb 2001   Feb 2009

Feb 2011  

2000   2006 by Jersey Mike


Jan 2018   view from, Oct 2018

Oct 2018   Jan 2018

Oct 2018

Oct 2018   Oct 2018

Oct 2018   Oct 2018

Oct 2018   Oct 2018

Oct 2018   Oct 2018

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