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2009 National Convention

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Currently there are roughly 20 modules owned by five members. They are transported in two trailers and in three cars. Due to the groups Bend Track and Free-Mo style of modules, we are able to adapt to any space. To many spectators, they think that we are always adding new modules but aren't. The layout has never been set up the same way twice!


              Justin's Modules

Justin is an orginal member and has built most of the modules. He owns the most modules.






These pictures show a 10 foot T-shaped module that includes a swamp and a swing bridge that operates. It contains a Wye that is used to branch off  the Free-Mo modules. It took first place in the module division at the 2009 NMRA Convention in Hartford, CT.






 Yard Modules



 The yard and engine house is a 18 foot two peice module. It is the main yard of the layout.


Lost Sole Shoe Company


Lost Sole Shoe Company is a large 10 foot module that contains a number of sidings that allows for some switching. It also has a standard gauge loading track that helps show the difference between standard and narrow gauge.


 Washburn Wire


 The Washburn Wire module contains a small station and wire company that contains a siding.


 Anawamscut Storage Company


Anawamscut Storage Company Module is another Bend MO to Free-Mo module. On one side is an On30 siding while on the other is a standard O gauge siding with a loading dock in the middle. The standard gauge curves and crosses the narrow gauge. 

Free-Mo Turntable

One of the visually stunning and interesting Free-Mo Modules is the turntable module. The turntable is located over the water. Also, there is a small siding located on the curved module.


              Modules Page 2