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Modules  Page 2



Andy's Modules

180 Degree Free-Mo


This module is a 180 degree turn that contains a ship being built. It has home made figures and there are many small details included in the scene.


Counter Weight Bridge

In this photo is another bridge and opens on an angle for boat passage. There is a water tank to.


Corner Module 


This Bend Track module is a 90 degree corner that contains yet another bridge, which is the only bridge that does not open on the layout. There is airmail service to the islands by seaplane. 


David's Modules 

His first module, it contains a spin bridge with operating LEDs on the bumpers as well as a ball signal. 




 Centerdale is Free-Mo Module that contains a farm scene, cow pasture complete

with cow pies and a station scene. Also there is the small Lapinski's produce stand.


 For the end of the Free-Mo there is a armstrong turntable that is half in a hill and half in a pit.



It contains the brewery, a cemetery, a siding for the brewery, a small hill, and area for truck parking.


Patriot Ale, the proud beer for a Family Guy. This module's location is Pawtucket, RI.


Rolfe's Module


Rolfe's Module is a 45 degree corner that contains a passing siding and a station track. It also has an area where construction is taking place.


The Group's Modules



One of the balloon returns is still under construction but conatins a large hill with a tunnel. 


The other balloon is  a small yard that usually stores the work train until it is needed.