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MOKS Rail News & Updates

MOKSRail News & Updates




Spring 2005-MO service threatened - New St. Louis station      
Word version (right click to download)      
Fall 2004-MOKSRail testifies - Kerry train visits Kansas City      
Summer 2004-Amtrak presents 5-year plan      
Winter 2004-Missouri service update; McMasters' retire      
Fall 2003 - Amtrak funding update      
Summer 2003 - Amtrak funding crisis      
Spring 2003 - Amtrak funding crisis      
Winter 2002 - New Mo/Kan. stations      
June 2002 - Amtrak funding crisis    
April/ May 2002 - Save Missouri's Amtrak service      
Feb./March 2002- new LaPlata, Mo. depot      
August 2001*      
March 2001*      
December 2000*      

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News Releases/ Articles

02/04   Missouri Amtrak funding cuts will harm passengers  
09/03   Daily Nebraskan report on Lincoln, Neb., rail summit meeting  

Amtrak returns to Kansas City Union Station (12/02)

06/02   Money-losing passenger trains? Amtrak critics falsify Amtrak funding statistics  
06/02   Bush Amtrak reform plan destroys - not improves - Amtrak and jeopardizes transportation options  
05/02   A Word About Passenger Train Safety..(following the Auto Train crash)...  
04/02   Kansas City Star column: Don't Let Missouri's Cross-State Passenger Train Die (April 14, 2002)  
03/02   Pro-Amtrak letters published in Kansas City Star (March 7, 2002)  
03/02   LaPlata, Mo. holds open house for Amtrak station  
    Reports from NARP Region X meeting in Omaha, Neb., April 6, 2002  
04/02   Amtrak official: long-distance trains do better than many corridor trains  
04/02   Cuts to Amtrak Intercity trains hurting train travel  
04/02   Express service harming Amtrak passenger train performance  
04/02   Citizens will determine fate of America's passenger train system- National Association of Railroad Passengers leader's April 6 talk at Omaha, Neb., Region X meeting  

MOKSRail viewpoints in the Kansas City Star


MOKSRail vice president's column: balanced transportation system needed.




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