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The GP40TC / GP40H Page

The GP40TC (GP40H) Page


- Amtrak's GP40TC's aka GP40H (TC=Toronto Commuter / H=Hed End Power), numbered 192 - 199, were purchased from GO Transit in Toronto in 1988. Amtrak renumbered the GP40H's to 520-527 due to their new "Acela" P42 locomotives that will take over the 100 series numbers. A GP40H is basically like a regular GP40-2, but longer since there's a HEP (Head End Power) unit in the rear. Another very noticible characteristic of these locomotives are their sheet metal plates on the front handrails which say "Amtrak". The Wilmington, DE shops removed the front plates off of the 192, 193 and 199 when installing ditchlights.  They saved the plate off of 192 for me. Each GP40H's paint is unique since there's small differences on each unit. The GP40Hs will most likely live the rest of their Amtrak life as Maintenance of Way (MOW) or yard switchers.

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GP40TC Photo Pages

GP40TCs on work trains (4pics by Paul Mateer).

# 192 (4 pics) as trailing unit on the Lake Shore seen at Albany.

# 192 on the point of a MBTA commuter train - by Mike Flannery.

# 193 in the Albany yard.

# 193 on the point of the Maple Leaf in Albany-Rensselaer - by Rob LaMay

# 193 (2 pics) undergoing its rebuild in Wilmington, DE

# 194 (3 pics) Photos by: Paul Mateer and Dave Kelley

# 194 in Southampton yard

# 195(2pics) pic by Keith Schmidt.

# 196(2pics) taken by Keith Schmidt.

# 197 ( 4 pics) at South Station, with FL9AC #485 in the Albany yard in another pic, and in Milwaukee.

# 197 in Rensselaer with FL9 488 - by Rob LaMay

# 197 (nice front shot) in Rensselaer

# 198 ( 2 pics) On the point of Empire Service trains in Syracuse, NY and the second pic by M. Baj taken in Schenectady, NY.

# 199 seen in Syracuse in regular service at night, 1995.

# 199 in the Albany yard.

# 199 in the New Haven yard--pic by Stan Feldman

# 199 at South Station in Boston - by Mike Flannery

# 199 as third unit of Lake Shore Ltd - by Gene Poon

# 199 when on protect service for the Empire Corridor

# 199 in Albany-Rensselaer yard - by Rob LaMay

# 199 as a switcher in Rensselaer (with Superliner II Lounge and a P40 - 2 pics) - by Rob LaMay

# 199 on the point of a train in the station - by Rob LaMay

# 199 In Wilmington, Delaware about to undergo a rebuild - Photo: Doug Allen