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Freight & Misc. Train Pics

Freight & Misc. Train Pics

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This page was 1st published (Sept 2. 1997).


Click the image for photos of the Convention

AAPRCO  PV train (7 pics) heading to the 1997 convention in Montreal.
CN 5737 in the Dewitt yard.
The 1997 James E Strates train stopping at the Great NY State Fair held in Syracuse.
CNW AC4400 8695 in the Dewitt yard's sand and fuel area.
CR Ballast Express loco and #6100 on a 9unit lash up (3 pics).
CR's Dewitt yard
CR GP40-2 and CR C30-7A (2 pics).
Conrail OCS train entering the Amtrak station in Rochester August 1996.
AConrail SD40-2 on the point of the J.E.S. midway rides train.
Conrail TV train seen at Kirkville, NY.
CR TV power (3 pics) includes a shot of a Switcher in a consist.
NJT GP40-2's help out with excursion.
NS Dash-9 9060 on a CR train in the Dewitt yard.
Susqeuhana Dome Observation.
UP #5076 on the point of a manifest.
Wreck in Savannah, NY, summer 1996.

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