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CR OLS train.jpg

Here are some shots of CR OCS train in late November 97 in Syracuse, NY.
4020 is leading seen in the first 2 shots and in the last shot, the rear car with an all glass back is heading up the train passing a CR freight with a "Stealth" painted Ballast Express unit. The former Amtrak F40 is 292 which was purchased by Pandrol Jackson Rails services.

Conrail's Operation Lifesaver train entering the Rochester, NY Amtrak Station, August 1996. The dome(#55) was missing because it was being painted at the time. Pulling the train were E8's #'s 4020(lead), and 4021.

Here's the rear of the Operation Lifesaver train in Rochester, August 96. There was a speech about safety when around trains held on the rear of #10.